Setup and Configuration Using PSK

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To set up and configure the Intel AMT device, use the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (SCS) available on the Intel website here.


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Setup and Configuration using PSK was removed in Intel AMT release 11.0.

From Intel AMT release 2.0 to release 6.2, you can ensure secure communications during setup and configuration by using a TLS-PSK configuration key. The same Provisioning ID (PID) and Provisioning Pre-Shared Key (PPS) pair must be entered in the Intel AMT and the PSK repository of the SCA. The PID-PPS pair in the Intel AMT device can be preloaded by a platform OEM, entered manually from the Intel® ME General Settings menu of the MEBx, or loaded using a USB storage device. These values must be maintained in a secure database as they could be used for gaining access to Intel AMT devices during the setup and configuration process by a malicious party.

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The PSK repository is located in the psk.repository.xml file.

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