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Start the Consent Flow

The following steps describe how to start the user consent process.

1.  Retrieve the instance of IPS_OptInService, where the “Name” key equals “Intel(r) AMT OptIn Service”.

2.  Examine the OptInState property. If it is NOT STARTED, continue. Otherwise, attempting to invoke IPS_OptInService.StartOptIn will result in an error.

3.  Invoke IPS_OptInService.StartOptIn to request a user consent code. Intel AMT generates code internally.


You can configure the amount of time the user consent form will be displayed by setting the IPS_OptInService.OptInDisplayTimeout property. This property is read-only in Client Control Mode, and Read/Write in Admin Control Mode.


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You can execute this snippet by inserting it into the execution template found here.


$optInServiceRef =$wsmanConnectionObject.NewReference("SELECT * FROM IPS_OptInService WHERE Name='Intel(r) AMT OptIn Service'")

$optInServiceInstance =$optInServiceRef.Get()

$optInState =$optInServiceInstance.GetProperty("OptInState")

if($optInState -like "0") # OptInState 0 = NotStarted.


    $inputObject =$optInServiceRef.CreateMethodInput("StartOptIn")

    $outputObject =$optInServiceRef.InvokeMethod($inputObject)

    $returnValue =$outputObject.GetProperty("ReturnValue")




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Classes Used in This Flow

SDK Sample

If there is a sample demonstrating this flow, it is included in the SDK installation file. See SDK Installation Layout for details.


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