The KVM Proxy Library API includes the following structure.


This structure is returned by the ConnectionInfo function and contains the data used by the proxy to establish a connection with an Intel AMT platform.

typedef struct _ConnectionData


  char               host[LENGTH_URL];

  unsigned short     host_port;

  char               user[LENGTH_USER_NAME];

  char               pwd[LENGTH_PWD];

  char               domain[LENGTH_DOMAIN]

  char               proxy[LENGTH_URL];

  unsigned short     proxy_port;

  char               proxy_user[LENGTH_USER_NAME];

  char               proxy_pwd[LENGTH_PWD];

  unsigned int       clientID




Value or Description


URL of the target Intel AMT platform. For TLS connections, this must be the FQDN. For non-TLS connections, this can be the Intel AMT IP address (either IPv4 or IPv6).


Port used to connect to the target platform (16994 for a non-TLS connection or 16995 for a TLS connection).


Username for a user with an Intel AMT Digest ACL entry that has sufficient privileges to initiate a KVM connection. If this parameter is a Null string, the library will treat the current user as Kerberos user.


Password for a Digest user, or Null.


Domain of an explicit Kerberos user. If this field is not Null, then the user is an explicit Kerberos user, with the username in the user field. If it is Null, then the user type is dependent on the values of the user and pwd fields.


Proxy host FQDN or IP address, if there is a proxy server between the viewer application and the Intel AMT platform


Proxy server port


Proxy server user (if a user is defined)


Proxy server password (if a password is defined)


Output parameter used to differentiate between clients. Used in callbacks.


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