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Supported Power Management States

The table lists the standard power management state options defined by DSP1027 and notes which options are supported by Intel AMT. See all the supported options in Intel AMT Power State Transitions.

Power Management State

Supported by Intel AMT

Unknown (0)


Other (1)


Power Saving Modes Entered Automatically (2)


Power State Settable (3)


Power Cycling Supported (4)


Timed Power On Supported (5)

Not supported

Off Hard Power Cycling Supported (6)

Not supported

HW Reset Supported (7)


Graceful Shutdown Supported (8)

Not supported in pre 9.0 releases. 
Supported from Release 9.0.



The Intel AMT implementation does not support the optional timed power-on changes and graceful shutdown operations.  Starting in Release 9.0, graceful shutdown operations are supported.

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