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Support for WS-Management in Intel AMT

Supported Schema

The Intel AMT WS-Management schema consists of DMTF schema and Intel extensions detailed in the class documentation. The DMTF portion of the schema is based on several versions of the DMTF schema.

The SDK contains both MOF files and documentation for all classes used in Intel AMT. The CIM Schema version for each CIM class is noted in the associated class documentation. See the Version number displayed there.

Supported Specifications

Intel AMT supports the following DMTF WS-Management specifications:

   DSP0226 Web Services for Management (WS Management)

   DSP0227 WS-Management CIM Binding Specification

   DSP0230 WS-CIM Mapping Specification

Put Operations and Optional Fields

If an optional field (one that is not marked as “required”) is not included in an object when invoking Put, Intel AMT may set the field to NULL even though the field was given a value in a previous operation. To ensure that no values are lost, applications should first Get the object, add or update the desired fields, and Put the object.

See Also:

   DSP0226: Web Services for Management (WS-Management) Specification

   DSP0227: WS-MAN CIM Bindings

   DSP0230: WS-CIM Mapping Specification

   Intel AMT Returned Numeric Values (PT_STATUS codes)


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