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System Requirements for the WS-Management Samples

The following table describes the system requirements for the WS-Management samples.


The WS-Management samples were written using traversal from an instance of CIM_ComputerSystem to locate Intel AMT objects. The snippets in the feature use cases retrieve objects by using key properties to locate a spcific object. This is a more efficient approach than the one demonstrated in the samples.




Operating System

     Windows 8.1 32 and x64 (local and remote interfaces)

     Windows 10

     Windows Server 2016

     Windows Server 2019

     Windows Server 2008 32 and x64 (remote interface only)

     Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 (remote interface only)

     Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 (remote interface only)

     Linux RedHat* EL5.3 i386 & x86_64 (remote interface only)

     SuSE* Enterprise Server 11 x32 & x64 (remote interface only)

Software (Windows)

     Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 SP1

     Microsoft .NET Framework V3.5

     Windows Remote Management (WinRM) 1.x

     open wsman

Software (Linux)

     e2fsprogs-devel (required for development)

     The default g++ compiler of the distribution (required for development)

     curl-devel (required for development)

     libxml2-devel (required for development)


note-icon Note:

The following operating systems are no longer supported, starting from Intel AMT release 11.5: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8.0, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Server 2003.


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