TCP Parameters


Value or Description

User Name

User name for the Intel AMT Client user authentication. The username and password are Digest credentials. If the entry is a Domain\username, including the backslash separator, the credentials are treated as Kerberos credentials. If the username is left blank, the application will use the credentials of the application user for Kerberos authentication.

User Password

Password for the Intel AMT Client user authentication

Link Preference

When the connection will be made over a wireless link, it is possible to set the link preference behavior for the session. The options are "Legacy - ME" and "Console". See Redirection and the Link Preference Feature for additional information.

Use SOCKSv5 Server

When this checkbox is selected, the sample connects via the proxy server and the MPS to the Intel AMT Client

SOCKS Hostname

Hostname of the platform with the proxy server

SOCKS port

Port accepting SOCKSv5 connections

SOCKS User Name

User name of the proxy server (optional)

SOCKS Password

Password of the proxy server (optional)



The lengths of the user name and user password are limited by the Redirection SDK to 32 characters. If either the user name or password exceeds this limit, IMR_RES_INVALID_PARAMETER, will be returned.

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