This structure is used to pass the parameters required to establish an SOL or Storage Redirection session. This structure is used to provide either Digest credentials or Active Directory credentials that can be different from those of the application user.


The lengths of the Digest user name and user password can be longer than 32 characters as long as the password hash (used for digest passwords beginning in Release 6.0)  is no more than 32 characters.

The proxy settings structure defines a connection to an MPS. The version parameter of the structure determines whether a proxy was provided and whether or not the structure supports explicit Active Directory credentials.


typedef struct {

int version;

char user_name[MAX_WIN_UN_LEN];

char user_pswd[MAX_PSWD_LEN];

char user_domain[MAX_WIN_DN_LEN];

ProxySettings proxy_settings

} TCPSessionParamsEx2;



Value or Description


Fixed value of 3


A Windows user name, a NULL-terminated string, UTF-8 encoded. If user_domain is NULL, user_name is assumed to be the name of a Digest user.


The user’s password, a NULL-terminated string, UTF-8 encoded.


Active Directory domain of the user. If this parameter is NULL, user_name is assumed to be a Digest user.


Parameters used to connect to a SOCKSv5 proxy server (MPS).

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