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Update Digest User

The following steps describe how to update a Digest user. This update can change the user-name, password and organization-name. All of these fields are changed simultaneously by invoking one command.

The general flow for changing a password is described in the DASH SIM profile DSP1034 in chapter 9.8. The following steps elaborate on the Intel AMT implementation of the profile.

1.  Retrieve the Digest Realm of the Intel AMT platform (see Get Digest Realm).

2.  Invoke CIM_Account.Put on the desired instance  to change one (or all) of the following values: User-Name, Password, and Organization-Name.

a.   The following fields are disregarded by Intel AMT but must be present in the request. Set the fields to default values:

   RequestedState =”2”

   EnabledState = “2”

   ElementName = “Intel(r) AMT digest account”

   SystemCreationClassName = “CIM_ComputerSystem”

   SystemName = “ManagedSystem”

   CreationClassName = “CIM_Account”

b.   Name and UserID should be the user name of the account (this could be a new user-name, but the selectors point to the old user-name).

c.    OrganizationName can be any string (even an empty string).

d.   UserPassword is the digest-password in Hexadecimal format (just as in the CreateAccount method).

e.   UserPasswordEncryptionAlgorithm must be “2” which represents the Digest format.

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