User Profiles and Admin Profiles

There are two types of wireless profiles:

   User profiles: Profiles created by the end user on the host system or defined on the host system by using an IT script or installation procedure. User profiles are typically set while connecting to a wireless network. The main use of user profiles is synchronizing Windows profiles with Intel AMT profiles. When Windows connects to a user WiFi profile, Intel® Local Manageability Service(LMS) will attempt to synchronize it with Intel AMT using the AMT_WiFiPortConfigurationService.AddWiFiSettings command. Intel AMT will accept the new user profile only if AMT_WiFiPortConfigurationService.localProfileSynchronizationEnabled is set to 1.

   IT (or Admin) profiles: Profiles for use inside the enterprise, added by an IT administrator using the Intel AMT API.

The profile priority (i.e., the order of choosing which profile will be used for an attempt to connect to the WiFi network) is set by the Intel CSME firmware. The first attempt to connect will use the profile with the highest priority; if this fails, an attempt will be made with the profile that has the second highest priority; and so on. With an IT profile, the Intel CSME firmware follows the priority defined in the profile while ignoring any priority defined in the user profile.

The accumulated user or IT/admin profiles can be deleted with the methods described below. If a profile is currently active, it cannot be deleted.


The only actions that IT can take regarding user profiles are:

   Enable or disable profile sync by setting AMT_WiFiPortConfigurationService.localProfileSynchronizationEnabled to Unrestricted or Disabled, as required.

   Delete All Wireless Profiles


The following table summarizes some differences between IT/Admin profiles and User profiles.


IT Profiles

User Profiles

Support 802.1X profiles



No encryption profile/WEP encryption



Maximum number storable



Profile name

in CIM_WiFiEndpointSettings Instance ID

“Intel(r) AMT:WiFi Endpoint Settings name

“Intel(r) AMT:WiFi Endpoint User Settings name

Get profile

Returns all data except for passwords

Returns only profile name

Add profile from remote



Managing WiFi Profiles

See the following sections for actions that you can perform on Wifi profiles:

   Add a Wireless Profile

   Update a Wireless Profile

   Delete a Wireless Profile

   Delete All IT Profiles

   Delete All User Profiles

   Delete All Wireless Profiles


See Also:

   Set/Get Wireless Local Profile Synchronization Settings


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