Using the Redirection Sample GUI Console

The Redirection Sample Console GUI Main window consists of two sub-panels. In the upper panel, active clients are displayed. Events for each client appear in the lower panel.


Adding a Client

To add a client, select File > Add Client. The Add Client window appears.

You must define a unique IP address for each client you add and ensure that the client type is correctly selected from the Client type drop-down list. Entering a GUID is optional.

Defining Certificates

To define certificate information, select File > Certificates. The Certificates window appears.

The TLS certificates can be loaded from either files or from the Microsoft® Certificates store.

Load certificates from files

   Choose Load certificates from files.

   Enter a path to the trusted root certificate that corresponds to the Intel AMT server certificate.

   If the Intel AMT device is configured for mutual authentication, enter the path to a remote client certificate and, if the certificate is password-protected, supply the certificate password. See Secure Session Support.

   Click OK. The Certificates window closes.

Load certificates from store

   Choose Load certificates from store.

   Install the trusted root certificates that corresponds to the Intel AMT server certificate in the Certificates Store ->Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.

   If the Intel AMT device is configured for mutual authentication, install the remote client certificate in the Certificates Store -> Personal store and check the Use Mutual Authentication check box.

   If you want the IMRSDK library to choose itself the appropriate client certificate from the Personal store itself, click OK and the Certificates window closes.

   If you want to choose the appropriate client certificates yourself, enter the Subject: CN property of the desired client certificate and then the IMRSDK library will choose the first appropriate certificate which matches this Subject: CN.

   Click OK. The TLS Settings window closes.

For more information, see Secure Session Support.

Connecting to a Client

When you double-click a client in the upper panel of the Redirection Sample Console GUI Main window, the following window appears:


The lengths of a clear case user name and user password are limited to 32 characters, in pre-6.0 Releases.  Starting in Release 6.0, a digest password is used which enables the password to be much longer. An Active Directory domain\username and password can be much longer. See Definitions.


For information about the options in the three sections of this window, see the following:

   TCP Parameters

   Storage Redirection Parameters

   SOL Parameters

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