Valid Usernames and Passwords

A username must contain 7-bit ASCII characters, in the range of 33-126, excluding ‘:’, ‘,’, ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘&’, and ‘”’ characters. The string length is limited to 16 characters. It cannot be an empty string. The strings “Administrator” (Release3.2 only) and “Admin,” (Release 4.0 and later releases) and strings that start with “$$” are invalid.

Passwords must contain 7-bit ASCII characters, in the range of 32-126, excluding ‘:’, ‘,’ and ‘”’ characters.

Use of strong passwords is recommended. Strong passwords meet the following requirements:

     At least 8 characters long.

     Contain at least one digit ('0', '1'…'9').

     Contain at least one 7-bit ASCII non alpha-numeric character, above 32, (e.g. '!', '$', '~'). Note that “_” is considered alphanumeric.

     Contain both lower-case Latin ('a', 'b'…'z') and upper case Latin ('A', 'B'…'Z') characters.

A Kerberos Security Identifier (SID) is a byte array between 1 and 28 bytes. The SID length should be a multiple of 4.

note-icon Note:

  MPS user names can be any 7-bit ASCII character in the range of 32-126 with a maximum length of 16 characters.

  MPS passwords must be strong passwords from 8 – 16 characters in length.

  When configuring MPS user names and passwords using the C++ framework, the characters ‘&’ and ‘<’ are not supported.


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