Windows Event Log Entries

When the SHV detects a problem with its connection with the NPS or has a problem parsing the received SoH, it will add a message to the platform event log. Most of the potential logged conditions are internal programming issues detected by the SHV sample. The SHV logs the following conditions:



The service is stopped.

The SHV was unable to complete its start sequence.

Configuration file not found, loading default configuration.

The SHV could not locate the SHVConfiguration.xml file and created a default version of the file.

The service cannot save the configuration. Error

SHV was unable to complete saving the default SHV configuration file (SHVConfiguration.xml).

Received NULL request from NPS.

The NPS sent an SoH validation request with no SoH included.

Received NULL callback object in request from NPS.

An NPS validation request did not contain a proper callback object.

Too many threads already exist - dropping request.

The SHV sample is limited to 100 threads.

Failed to allocate memory.


Failed to pass data to a new thread.


Failed to create a new thread.




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