Windows Modules

This section describes the files in the SDK installation zip.

The Windows modules include SDK samples in both binary and source code format, and include all the required support code (infrastructure and methods for using the required Intel® AMT features) and libraries. The SDK samples demonstrate how to use the WS-Management API to take advantage of the capabilities of Intel AMT. Samples are written in C# or C++.

Readme files and Release Notes are included with each sample.

Note: The contents of the SDK are subject to change, as modules may be added in future releases. For an up-to-date list of the modules in the SDK, see the SDK Release Notes provided in the main installation zip file.

File Name



Files for installing the Intel AMT® High Level API module


Files for installing the Intel vPro® Technology Module for Windows* PowerShell*


RedirectionLib Package containing infrastructure and methods for using the Intel AMT Redirection features: USBr and SOL


Sample code for Intel AMT SDK Redirection


Command line tool used to create an Intel AMT USB file. The tool allows the user to create two types of USB key files for the purpose of preparing an Intel AMT machine for provisioning using a USB device. For PSK provisioning, the tool allows automatic generation of PSK pairs. For testing PKI provisioning, the tool can be used to create a single (non- consumable) PKI record file.


A GUI tool that demonstrates the usage of the User Consent feature of an Intel AMT managed machine using WS-Management.


The WebStorage solution provides infrastructure and methods for using the Intel AMT Web Storage feature.


The Intel® ME WMI provider allows ISVs and IT administrators to perform Intel AMT discovery and configuration operations using WMI technology. The Intel ME WMI provider complements the existing WS-MAN API by abstracting low-level Intel MEI (aka HECI) operations through WMI.


WS-Management C++ samples for developers


The C++ WS-Management Developer's Package provides a foundation for developing WS-Management client applications in C++.


Intel AMT SDK WS-Management C# samples implement different usages of AMT features.


The C# WS-Management Developer's Package provides a foundation for developing WS-Management client applications in C#.


The WsmanLib provides an infrastructure for opening WS-MAN connections to Intel AMT.


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