WinRMWSMan Client

The WinRMWsManClient is a wrapper to the lower layer WS-Management mechanisms, independent of other implementations such as DotNet and Openwsman. The application passes the serialized CIM object to the wrapper, along with information specifying connection information for the specific Intel AMT platform.

The WinRM client has inherent WinRM limitations:

    It does not support WinRM 2.x. Using the client with 2.x version will cause unexpected behavior.

    It does not support TLS mutual authentication.

    It does not support defining a proxy per connection

    It does not support the following WS-Management commands: Subscribe, Unsubscribe.

    WinRM does not support the option of providing Kerberos authentication with user name and password.

Public Functions



public WinRMWSManClient(ConnectionInfo connection)

Constructor of the WSMan client using ConnectionInfo

public WinRMWSManClient(String target, String username, String password, bool secure, bool kerberos, String clientCert, IWebProxy HttpProxy)

Constructor of the WSMan client using parameters

The following examples demonstrate how to initialize the WS-Management client:

wsmanClient = new WinRMWSManClient(ip, username, password, secure, kerberos, clientCert, HttpProxy);

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