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WS-Management Class Reference

The Intel SDK includes Managed Object Format (MOF) files that include full descriptions of the Common Information Model (CIM) data objects defined and implemented by Intel AMT. There are three types of MOF files:

   With a prefix CIM – Standard Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) classes

   With a prefix AMT – Intel AMT specific classes

   With a a prefix IPS – Additional Intel proprietary classes

The information in the WS-Management Class Reference is automatically generated from the MOF files and enables you to easily browse and find the required information about the classes and methods. It is the place to go for detailed information about the Intel AMT implementation of the CIM model – which optional methods and properties are implemented, what constraints are applied to properties, and what permissions are required to access a method or property.


   A MOF contains those fields/properties and methods that are unique to the MOF. Any field or method that is in the chain of inheritance of a MOF will not appear in the MOF itself. Any class is a sum of its inheritance tree.

   Many fields and methods are optional. Also, a MOF may not constrain a field – its length, for example may not be defined.

   Any implementation has its constraints. In Intel AMT, for example, all services are predefined, and they persist. Therefore, there is no Create or Delete method for the implemented service objects. Attempting to create  or delete a service will return an error.

   The generated code in the CIM frameworks is based on the MOFS. In a development environment such as Visual Studio, you can see all of the inherited properties and methods, but you cannot see which of these are actually implemented in Intel AMT. The information about the AMT implementation is captured in the Class Reference. This documentation is generated based on a configuration file that identifies which methods and fields are implemented, and defines what the constraints are on various fields. It captures all implemented inherited methods and fields. The configuration file also has additional documentation text for classes, methods, and fields (for example, all the “Product Specific” paragraphs). The class reference accurately reflects the Intel AMT implementation in a way that MOFs cannot.

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