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My First HLAPI Project

Use the steps below to get started used the HLAPI:

1.  Create a new C# project through Visual Studio.

2.  Add a reference to this dll file (located in the Bin folder of this distribution):


3.  Add these namespaces to the project:



For example:

using Intel.Manageability;

using Intel.Manageability.Exceptions;


4.  Create an object for each Intel AMT device. The instance is created using the AMTInstanceFactory.Create|tag=M_Intel_Manageability_AMTInstanceFactory_Create method and the IAMTInstance|topic=IAMTInstance Members interface. For example:

ConnectionInfoEX connection =

                   new ConnectionInfoEX(host, username, password, secure,

                   certificate, auth, proxy, redirectionProxy,



IAMTInstance amt = AMTInstanceFactory.CreateEX(connection);


The created object (in this example “amt”), is the “root” class that represents the Intel AMT device and gives access to the Intel AMT functionality. To execute a method on the device, simply provide the instance, the required feature, and the method, as shown in these examples:



List<X509Certificate2> certificates = amt.Config.CertificateManagement.GetTrustedRootCertificates();

5.  Call the Dispose function to ensure that all unmanaged resources are released.



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