Starts the User Consent process - requests Intel AMT to display the consent code.


DisplayConsentCode function detects condition and calls DisplaystatusExamination callback function with one of the following states:

1. CodeDisplayed - the consent code was displayed successfully.

2. RebootRequired - the graphics card is external; invoke the Restart local host operation.

3. PowerUpRequired - the local system is in Sx state; invoke the PowerUp local host operation.

After the calling with DisabledGraphics and LocalSystemOff states, DisplayConsentCode function continue waiting to DisplayedCode state.

Namespace:  Intel.Manageability.UserConsent
Assembly:  HLAPI (in HLAPI.dll)


void DisplayConsentCode(
	Action<DisplayCodeRequestStatus> UpOnRequestStatus


Type: System..::.Action<(Of <(DisplayCodeRequestStatus>)>)
Action delegate. This function will be called when the status of the request code was changed.

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