About Android* OS Application Support

Intel® GPA enables application developers and driver engineers to analyze and optimize OpenGL* ES workloads on Intel Atom™ phones or tablets running the Android* OS.

Using Intel GPA, you as a developer for Android* OS applications can:

You need to install Intel GPA only on the analysis system; no explicit installation of Intel GPA is required on the Android* OS target system, since the connection between the analysis and target system enables the Intel GPA tools to directly monitor your application on the target device.

To analyze your application, connect your Android* OS device to your analysis system with a USB cable, and then run the Intel GPA tools on the analysis system. After Intel GPA has started analyzing your game, you can optionally switch the connection to Wi-Fi. The advantage of using a Wi-Fi connection is that you can also analyze power consumption of the device.


When analyzing Android* OS workloads:

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