Debugging Rendering Issues in Android* Applications

IntelĀ® Frame Debugger enables you to identify, locate, and analyze rendering issues in your Android* application:

Using frame capture files, Intel Frame Debugger displays detailed information on all visual changes that occur inside the frame on each rendering stage, function by function. This enables you to locate the exact API call that causes a rendering issue.


To download Intel Frame Debugger, go to Intel GPA home page.

The typical workflow to debug rendering issues in Android* applications with Intel Frame Debugger is as follows:


Set up your device for analysis

  1. Set up Android Debug Bridge (adb) USB connection and connect your device to the analysis system via a USB cable.

  2. Run the Intel Frame Debugger from the Windows* Start menu or Windows* 8 Application view.


Load frame-capture files in Intel GPA Frame Debugger

  1. Capture a frame using Intel GPA System Analyzer or Intel GPA Frame Debugger. You can capture multiple frames without stopping and restarting your application.
  2. Open Android* frame capture file you want to debug.


Ensure all API extensions used in the frame are supported by your Android* device

Preview the frame with the device player to see the list of unsupported extensions, if any.


Locate rendering issues in the frame

  1. Find the function that causes an issue.
  2. Drill down to the graphics pipeline view to identify the rendering stage at which the issue occurred.
  3. Analyze detailed data about this rendering stage to understand the root cause of the issue.