Release Notes for Intel® RealSense™ for Linux Person Library

Version v0.5.10

Intel® RealSense™ Person Library provides the ability to sense and recognize people, understand what they do, and interact with them. This is the Person Library Beta release supporting Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Desktop version)

New Features and Changes

Please refer to the readme file for the features included in the Person Library. The following changes are introduced in this release:

  • Improved Person Tracking
  • Improved Recognition accuracy
  • Body skeleton marked for person in distance <2.8m
  • Improved person detection from further distances – the detection should start when the person is at distance <4m

Compatible Platforms

The library is developed and tested on the following platform:

Software Requirements

  • Linux SDK - v0.7
  • Intel® RealSense™ Cross Platform API (librealsense) - v1.12.1
  • Apache log4cxx
  • OpenCV 3.1

Hardware Requirements

  • Intel® RealSense® ZR300 (DS4.1) Rev11 G sensor camera (DS4.1 Firmware 4.1, Adapter Board Firmware (CX3) 1.29, Motion Module Firmware (MM# 951805)
  • Intel® Joule™ 570x Developer Kit with expansion board (MM# 951308)
  • Note: The Person Library module was validated with one ZR300 camera, connected to Joule.

Known Limitations

This release includes the following known limitations:

Camera requirements for Person Library

  • Camera angle: all angles
  • The camera must be positioned at a height between 60cm-1.5m.
  • The distance between the camera and an object must be between 50cm-5m.
  • Position: all positions and orientations.
  • The camera must not move at a speed that exceeds 0.5 m/s.
  • The following are the recommended camera resolutions:
  • Recognition, facial landmark:
    • RGB: FHD (1920) or HD (720p)
    • Depth: QVGA (320x240)
  • Rest of features:
    • RGB: VGA (640x480)
    • Depth: QVGA (320x240)

Feature limitations

  • Lighting must be in the range: 100-500 lux.
  • Outdoor scenarios are not supported.
  • Center Of Mass (COM) has a deviation of 15% and is only available in the range of (0.5-3)m.
  • Body tracking – 6-point tracking is at preview maturity level.
  • Head direction – yaw, roll, pitch depends on camera resolution and is up to 2.5m.
  • Face landmarks – requires FHD (2.5m range) or HD (~1.5m range)
  • Person Recognition works on a distance of up to 3m when using FullHD, and up to 1.5m when using VGA.
  • Body Gestures do not work well when the person is sitting nor when the camera is moving.
  • Body Skeleton and Gestures do not work well when the person is close (<0.7m) to an object.
  • Body skeleton is immature (preview quality).
  • Person blob and head location are exposed via API but actually not supported.
  • Person Tracking
    • ID might be stolen when tracking a person.
  • Recognition
  • Recognition may give registered id on un-registered person (false positive)


Copyright 2017 Intel Corporation Licensed under the Intel RealSense Pre-Release License Agreement, provided in this package as '/usr/share/doc/librealsense-persontracking0/copyright'.

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