Make your storage infrastructure smarter, faster, and more secure with Intel® processors, Intel® Solid State Drives, and Intel® software.


Intel® processors and Intel® Solid State Drives can improve storage performance, security, and manageability. Learn how Intel has worked with the open source community to optimize and secure storage infrastructure. See how you can use the Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (Intel® ISA-L) and the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) to deliver a fast, space efficient, and secure storage solution.

Accelerate Your NVMe Drives with the SPDK

An open source set of tools and libraries hosted on GitHub* that helps developers create high-performance and scalable storage applications. This tutorial describes the user space NVMe driver provided by SPDK and includes a downloadable Hello World code sample.

How to Emulate Persistent Memory on an Intel® Architecture Server

Learn how to configure Persistent Memory (PMEM) emulation using regular dynamic random access memory (DRAM) on an Intel® processor using a Linux* kernel. This tutorial covers both hardware and software configuration, and when you've followed the all the steps, you'll be ready to try the programming examples in the NVM Library at

A Storage Framework for Cloud Storage Developers

The SPDK helps storage developers optimize software to take advantage of the performance potential of next-generation storage media, such as Non-Volatile Memory Express* (NVMe) devices. This overview describes SPDK features and provides a download link.


OpenMP Conference 2018 (Conference)

Barcelona, Spain
Sep 24 - Sep 26

IXPUG Annual Fall Conference 2018 (Conference)

Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
Sep 25 - Sep 28

Intel® Software Developer Workshop for Technical Computing and AI (Workshop)

Berlin, Germany
Sep 26 - Sep 27

IWOMP 2018 (Workshop)

Barcelona, Spain
Sep 27 - Sep 28