Window Purpose and Usage | Menus and Toolbars Locations

Configuration Windows Purpose and Usage

Intel Advisor configuration is available thru several windows:

  • Project Properties dialog box - Configure how the Intel Advisor analyses process your target executable.
  • Options dialog box - Configure the Intel Advisor user interface behavior.
  • Project Navigator pane - Select projects, results, and snapshots that the Intel Advisor shows in the user interface.
  • Create a Project dialog box - Configure properties of a new Intel Advisor project.
  • Create a Result Snapshot dialog box - Configure and save your Intel Advisor project's result snapshot.
  • Build Settings for Supported Languages dialog box - Configure your application for the Intel Advisor analyses.
  • Corresponding advixe-cl Command Options dialog box - Get command line to collect data in console. This dialog generates command line with the set of options that you define in Project Properties and Workflow Tab.

Configuration Menus and Toolbars Locations

Toggle the Project Navigator pane.

Open the Project Properties dialog box.

Open the Create Result Snapshot dialog box.

Open the Get Command Line dialog box.


Open the Options dialog box.