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Related Code Locations Pane Purpose and Usage

Use this pane to explore source code associated with related code locations (related to the focus code location) in the Dependencies Source window.

Related Code Locations Pane Location

Middle left of Dependencies Source window

Related Code Locations Pane Controls

Use This

To Do This

Focus code location source code available icon icon, Focus code location source code not available icon icon, or no icon in the Source column


  • Whether this is a related code location.

  • If code location source code is available for viewing and editing.

Pane border

Resize the pane (drag).

Source code

  • Explore source code associated with the focus code location

  • Display the code editor at the corresponding source file by double-clicking a data row or by using the corresponding context menu item.

Right click a line to display a context menu

Display a context menu to: open the code editor to the corresponding source line, copy the selected data row(s) to the clipboard, or display context-sensitive help.