AppUp Creator update release

AppUp Creator update release

Hello AppUp™ Creator Developers!

We have just released a minor update of AppUp™ Creator to address some features that didn't make it into the initial release. Also features that you were asking for.

Fixes and New Features:

1. Support for multiple instances of the same widget

a. You can now add 2 or more Facebook* or other widgets to your application

2. Map widget will only ask for 1 address.

a. In the updated release you will only need to enter your target address. The map widget will create a link in the location balloon on the map.

b. You will only be able to have 1 map per application.

3. Removed the timer in MyWeb widget

a. This was causing the web pages to refresh at an interval and causing some websites to go back to the root page.


Please continue to provide feedback either through our Support channel or this forum.


Thank you, Jim

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