Universal Automation in Development - Applies up to Non-Techs

Universal Automation in Development - Applies up to Non-Techs

Hi, We happened to discover universal and absolute way of automating development. It applies up to the level of non-techs (we were in process of integrating it to Google's AppInventor, but it got discontinued). The key-aspect is that the automation is modular; the full-high-profile architecure automation is at the bottom, covered with 1-n versions of various simplification layers. I'd like to get into dialogue with your developers if possible, as this methodology is completely open for Intel to use as well (as we were approaching Google's people, but as said their version got discontinued before we got anywhere close to demonstrations). The demonstrational videos (that include MeeGo, Android and Windows Phone simplification to the extreme are available at): http://abstractiondev.wordpress.com/demo-videos/ Look down of the page at section "Simplification and Automation for non-Developers". The same blog invites all the open-source communities to contribute as well, but I suppose that doesn't address the general AppUp Creator audience. You can find my contact info on the blog, should you want to directly email me. Kalle Kalle Launiala, CTO of Citrus Solutions Oy
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Hi Kalle,

I haven't had a chance to take an in-depth look, but let me spend some reviewing your site material.