64-bit Ct Windows Linker with Parallel Studio SP1

Problem : When using 64-bit ct.dll in conjuction with Parallel Studio SP1, the linker will appear to spin, but will eventually crash with an out-of-memory error.

Environment : 64-bit Windows, Ct Beta 2

Root Cause : Parallel Studio SP1 actually ships with an older (from October 2009) version of the linker which is unable to link the 64-bit ct.dll.

Resolution : If you see such an error on 64-bit Windows, please update your ICC tools by installing Parallel Composer update 6. Also, note that you have to go to softwareproducts.intel.com in order to download Parallel Composer update 6, as the upgrade path from Visual Studio (Help->Parallel Studio-> Check for Updates) currently points to a website that does not have the latest related Parallel Composer.