The Animated Pocket Dictionary - Gynecology by Focus Medica Pvt Ltd.

Understanding the complexities of women's health can be challenging. Yet with the Animated Pocket Dictionary - Gynecology by Focus Medica Pvt Ltd., learning about women's health is made easier through animated diagrams, comprehensive definitions and more on Ultrabook™ devices.

The Focus Animated Pocket Dictionaries series are the world's first ever animated dictionaries that provide definitions of medical terms with realistic and narrated 3D animation, complimented with text. The Animated Pocket Dictionary - Gynecology is the first ever animated dictionary on gynecology, covering over 100 gynecology related terms and definitions through 3D animation and text definitions.

It's a perfect resource for doctors, medical assistants, medical sales associates, students and others in the healthcare industry. "The Animated Pocket Dictionary - Gynecology is a convenient and comprehensive resource on women's health," said Mrs. Padmaja V, Director of Focus Medica Pvt Ltd. "Health professionals, students, laypeople and others can benefit from this informative app." 

When developing the Animated Pocket Dictionary - Gynecology, the developers at Focus Medica Pvt Ltd. took advantage of resources available to Intel® Software Partners in the Intel® Developer Zone. They were able to gain insight into the unique technologies of Ultrabook devices and optimize the app for the Intel® architecture. They also received helpful information from the developer communities within the Intel Developer Zone.

"Intel's information and support during development for this app really helped us best utilize the specific capabilities of Ultrabook devices," said Mrs. Padmaja V.

The powerful Intel® Core™ processors in Ultrabook devices provide a fluid and seamless video experience for the Animated Pocket Dictionary - Gynecology. Plus, users can easily scroll through videos and other features using the touch capabilities of Ultrabook devices.

Due to the extensive support from Intel and the powerful features of new Ultrabook devices, Focus Medica Pvt Ltd. is looking forward to developing new apps for Ultrabook systems. "Having Intel's support throughout development has really helped us create a better app that fits with the interface of Ultrabook systems," said Mrs. Padmaja V. "We are looking at developing new apps soon." 

Focus Medica Pvt Ltd. has an impressive cache of titles that have successfully adopted animations to bring out much awaited digital reference material that explain intricate concepts in Health and Medicine.  Focus Medica Pvt Ltd. specializes in translating print into visual media through creative platforms. It's collection of IPs include unique Health Animations and Printed Content with exceptional images and illustrations. For more information:

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