Computing Delacorte Numbers with Julia

I came in 2nd in the Al Zimmermann Programming Contest "Delacorte Numbers", using a quad-core machine and the Julia programming language.  The attached PDF file is a personal report on using Julia for the contest and a detailed discussion of the program.  If you have not used Julia before, you may find it to be a useful introduction to the language.

Also attached is a zip file with what you need to run the program:

  • delacorte.jl - the Julia program. It requires Julia 0.4, which is under development.  You can get a nightly build of the current development version of 0.4 from here.  The paper describes how to modify the program to run under Julia 0.3.5.
  • util.jl - some related utilities
  • results/ - directory where program puts best results.  I include my result files therein because the program requires an existing result file.
  • trials/ - empty directory where the program puts all results from runs.

- Arch D. Robison

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