Courseware - Advanced Rendering

  • Transport equations
  • Ray tracing algorithms
  • Photon tracing
  • Radiosity for global illumination computation, form factors
  • Efficient approaches to global illumination
  • Monte Carlo methods for global illumination
  • Image-based rendering, panorama viewing, plenoptic function modeling
  • Rendering of complex natural phenomenon
  • Non-photorealistic rendering



Case Study in Parallel Computation and Graphics Visualization: Parallel Ray Tracer



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Coding example, Demo / Simulation

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Robert Chesebrough, Intel
David Frogley, Brigham Young University
Michael Jones, Brigham Young University

Target Audience: Graduate with 3D math and Linear Algebra background.

Large project with feature-rich ray tracer (including anti-aliasing, glossy reflections, translucency, depth of field, soft shadows, and median-split volume hierarchy acceleration structure). Does not include visualization, but can easily be converted to support OpenCV. Reads Pixar Renderman (*.RIB) files and outputs *.PPM image files. Includes three versions for both Windows and Linux: serial, OpenMP, and CILK.

Recommended Audience:

Graduate students




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