Debug SPI BIOS after Power Up Sequence

After PCB assembly and the board power up, the next phase will be SPI BIOS debugging. A lot of system engineers and firmware engineers who had been interested in Intel® System Studio, questioned whether available to use Intel System Studio to do SPI BIOS debugging once after CPU reset de-assertion. Answer is YES, and explain below how to make it happen with Intel® System Debugger of Intel® System Studio.

To debug SPI BIOS once after CPU reset de-assertion, is kind of difficult task. Because the connection time from host to target is much longer compared with platform power up sequence, and even including BIOS module boot time. In order to accommodate end users’ demands, Intel System Debugger provides a feature set to halt target once after CPU reset de-assertion. Some steps described below are required for this usage case.


1st need to do, is to launch Intel System Debugger of Intel System Studio 2015 (former name was Intel JTAG Debugger of Intel System Studio 2014).

2nd connect to target platform

3rd reset the target through using the “restart” console command, or by clicking the restart button as below.

After the target reset, then can debug SPI BIOS.