Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK

October 2013: This WhatIf project has been retired, but this page remains for historical/archival purposes.

Warning! You are about to download an old, unsupported version of this software. For information about the current version of the compiler and matching runtime, please visit the Intel® Cilk™ Plus page. For tools supporting that compiler, please visit the SDK page.

Technical Documentation

Release Notes | Programmer's Guide

Download Files

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Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK installer for Windows* (cilk.msi) 11.7MB
Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK package for 32-bit Linux* (cilk_8503-i686.release.tar.gz) 51.7MB
Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK package for 64-bit Linux* (cilk_8503-x86_64.release.tar.gz) 53.4MB

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