Download the latest Intel® WS-Management Java* Client Library


Thank you for your interest in the Intel® WS-Management Java* Client Library. This package contains reference library source, sample source, and documentation.


Intel® WS-Management Java* Client Library zip file


The Intel® WS-Management Java* Client Library is a lightweight WS-Management protocol library designed for software developers who want to quickly and easily support WS-Man but want to avoid the complexity of writing their own Java* based WS-Man client library.  The library's original intention was to support Intel® Active Management Technology  development, but can be extended to support management of any CIM resource.  Even though it has gone through significant validation, the source provided as part of this library should be considered reference code and should not be considered to be production quality.  The library supports the following features:

  • 100% pure java code (no JNI)
  • Facilitates Intel AMT development in Java environments
  • Exposes late-binding WS-Man API
  • Supports both Digest and Kerberos authentication
  • Supports http and https connections
  • Full set of sample code and JavaDocs


Release 1.0.1

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