Easy Electronic References with Electronic Toolbox Pro, featured on new Windows* 8.1 Tablets

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Access vast databases of electronic information anywhere, anytime with Electronic Toolbox Pro by Marcus Roskosch

When working in electronics, finding the correct component specifications, conversions, calculations and more can be time consuming. Now there is a faster and easier way to find electronic reference information with the Electronic Toolbox Pro.

Featured on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Windows* 8.1, Electronic Toolbox Pro combines electronic reference material with a large collection of calculation, reference and conversion tools in one handy app. The large electronic database features transistors, filed-effect transistors, triacs, diodes, etc. and their parameters including replacement types. Plus, it has numerous circuit calculations, from simple resistor networks to NE555 and OpAmp circuits. Electronic Toolbox Pro also offers a significant amount of background information, formulas and a glossary. It works in conjunction with Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi), enabling users to display information from Windows* 8.1 tablets to additional screens.

When developing Electronic Toolbox Pro, Marcus Roskosch took advantage of his status as an Intel® Software Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone, which offers developers assistance with business planning, product development and optimization, marketing and more. Marcus used Intel tools, code and support to optimize Electronic Toolbox Pro for the powerful features of Intel Atom tablets for Windows* 8.1. Plus, the company received additional inspiration and guidance from the Intel Developer Zone communities.

“The support from Intel certainly helped during the development of this handy electrical resource,” Marcus said. “Now anyone can have access to a vast library of electrical information wherever they may be with Electronic Toolbox Pro.”

The Intel® Atom™ processer, touch capabilities and high resolution screen of new Windows* 8.1 tablets offer a powerful, portable platform from which to access the library of electronic information from Electronic Toolbox Pro.

“Having the Electronic Toolbox Pro on Windows* 8 tablets provides a portable and convenient way to access electronic information,” Marcus noted. “Rather than carrying a hefty book around, users can get the information they need right on the tablet.”

Due to the development support provided by the Intel Developer Zone, Marcus is currently exploring options to develop new apps designed to take advantage of the capabilities of Windows* 8.1 tablets.

Marcus Roskosch is an independent software developer. For more information, visit: www.electronic-toolbox.com

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