Fisher Highlights Android and Chrome at IDF13

In his September 11 keynote at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Doug Fisher, Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Software and Services Group, talked about Intel’s R&D to support Chrome and Android. During his keynote, he was joined on stage by none other than Google’s Senior Vice President, Sundar Pichai. Pichai recognized Intel as one of the largest contributors to Android and Chrome:

  • For Chromium, the upstream open source project for Chrome, Intel delivers power and performance optimizations to ensure the Chrome OS and browser run best on Intel® Architecture. Fisher showed four new Chromebooks from OEMs such as Acer, Asus, Dell and Toshiba. Pichai noted that thanks to Intel’s Haswell processor, the Chrome systems are thinner, lighter and have 50% longer battery life over previous generations.
  • For Android, Pichai commended the work Intel has done to saturate the Android stack with Intel optimizations. From the Linux kernel to open source libraries to the Dalvik runtime and even into the Android application development environment, Intel has made significant contributions to deliver a great app experience on IA. The recently announced Beacon Mountain was also highlighted.

Fisher was also joined by Gonzague Vallois, Senior Vice President of Publishing at Gameloft, one of the world’s top developers of mobile games. Vallois described how important tools are to maximizing performance and minimizing power usage in mobile games, and Gameloft’s plans to move games to Intel Bay Trail devices. Intel tools allow Gameloft developers to identify which sequences drain battery life and to look for ways to tune those parts of the game. At Fisher’s request, Vallois concluded his visit by previewing Gameloft’s highly popular Asphalt 8 game.

Fisher concluded by talking about two additional efforts Intel is driving to improve the Android experience on IA:

  • 64 bit kernel support for Android to enable increased system memory and to pave the way for Ultra-HD video in mobile devices.
  • The LiveSafe* collaboration with McAfee to protect your digital life across multiple devices.

The future for Android on Intel Architecture is bright indeed!