Intel® GPA Troubleshooting Tip: Upgrade your graphics drivers and/or BIOS

With Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA), we've occasionally seen issues were the product wouldn't run unless a specific version of the graphics drivers and/or the latest system BIOS is installed on the user's system.

The symptom is that the user receives an error when trying to run the Intel® GPA tools, even after upgrading to the latest graphics drivers (check your own system for the latest Intel drivers).

Therefore, if you are encountering issues running Intel GPA with your game, verify that:

  • you're running Intel GPA on a supported configuration (operating system with all the latest service packs and patches, recommended amount of RAM/VRAM, and so on)
  • you've updated your graphics drivers
  • you've installed the latest BIOS for your system configuration
  • you can run a simple graphics application such as gpasample.exe from the Intel GPA install directory, or one of the Microsoft DirectX* samples

Also, most users will benefit by using a 64-bit OS with at least 4GB of physical memory, especially for capture files anlyzed with Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer or Intel® GPA Platform Analyzer. When analying netbooks or other systems with limited resources, use Intel GPA in a client/server mode.

If you still have issues using the Intel GPA tools with your game or graphics application, please report the problem to the Intel GPA Customer Support Forum.