Groovy Notes by XLabz Technologies

Staying organized in both business and personal life can be challenging. Yet with Groovy Notes on Ultrabook™ devices, organizing your life just got easier.

Groovy Notes is a new twist on the traditional paper planner. This powerful new planning tool allows users to take written and verbal notes, color code and organize them by categories, tags and dates, attach photos and sketches, then archive, search, backup and export this data.

“Groovy Notes users can easily manage multiple things – the minutes of a meeting, notes, lists, audio recordings, plans, messages agendas and more,” said Krishna Prathab R V, founder and CEO of XLabz Technologies, who developed Groovy Notes. “Then users can easily archive and search for important planning information.”

The Intel® Core™ processors, high resolution screen and touch interface of Ultrabook devices help make Groovy Notes an interactive and powerful management tool. Users have the ability to record and save multiple voice notes and use the touch interface to easily scroll and navigate through archives and calendars.  

“The Ultrabook provides a solid foundation for which to organize the important details of our lives,” said Prathab R V. “The touch capabilities really enhance the usability of this app.” 

When developing Groovy Notes for Ultrabook devices, XLabz Technologies gained valuable insight into the unique technologies of Ultrabook devices as an Intel® Software Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone. They were also able to access tools, code, and support, as well as gain additional insight from the communities in the Intel Developer Zone.

“Having access to tools and guidance from Intel really helped us helped us optimize Groovy Notes for the capabilities of Ultrabook devices,” noted Prathab R V.

XLabz Technologies is looking forward to taking further advantage of the capabilities of Ultrabook systems and Intel’s support to create additional apps for Ultrabook devices. “Ultrabook devices offer an exciting opportunity to create new tools that help people’s lives,” explained Prathab R V.

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