How can I force the license server to release the license

When using a product and the machine crashes, does the license server keeps the license active? How can I force the license server to release the license?

If the application crashes, the license is returned correctly. However, if the OS crashes and the license is not released, follow these steps to release the license:

- Run lmstat to get the infomation of the license, including user_name, host_name and display_name. E.g. this is a line output by lmstat -a -c license_file:

liangzc silicon silicon (v11.0) ( 201), start Thu 7/7 9:15
Then the user_name is "liangzc", host_name is "silicon", and display_name is "silicon".

- Run lmremove to release the license:
lmutil lmremove -c license_file feature_name user_name host_name display_name
Please note that the frequency of running lmremove is limited, so that it may fail like this:

lmremove: lmremove request before the minimum lmremove interval (-64,200)

Note: You can’t run this command too often, e.g. several times per hour.