How to use Intel® Parallel Amplifier with application compiled with symbols but source files are not available

Some users have an EXE file and related DLL files (with corresponding PDB files), but have no sources for EXE or DLLs. Can they use Intel® Parallel Amplifier in this situation?

Yes! The Intel® Parallel Amplifier is supported on Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2005/2008 - the user should create .sln file, .vcproject file in Solution Explorer.

1. Use wizard to create a new project for existing code

2. Specify project file location and project file name (it could be same as your EXE file)

3. Add existing item (EXE file) to current project

4. Manually create "Debug" folder under project file location.

5. Manually copy all EXE/DLL files and PDB files to the "Debug" folder

6. Ensure that you can run "Debug\Start Without Debugging" in Microsoft* Visual Studio*, then you can run Intel®Parallel Amplifier.