How to use remote collection using Intel® System Studio


Intel® System Studio is Intel’s suite of software tools for embedded processors and contains features that allow you to profile your target remotely.


The typical workflow of VTune™ Amplifier for Systems is for users to collect their performance data on their target and to display the results using the VTune Amplifier for Systems GUI. 

We have integrated this remote capability into the command line version of VTune™ Amplifier for Systems known as amplxe-cl.  This article will explain the steps you need to follow in order to run a remote collection using amplxe-cl.

VTune Amplifier for systems Improved remote data collection


The amplxe-cl program now contains the option to specify a remote target.  There are many types of collections that are supported using amplxe-cl. Before running amplxe-cl these are the steps you need to take.

  1. Build and load the performance sampling driver (sepdk) for your target.
  2. Copy the target remote directories to your target.
  3. Set the AMPLXE_TARGET_PRODUCT_DIR env variable specifying where you copied the directory in step 2.
  4. Set up your target so that it does not require an ssh password.
    1. cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@ip_target “ cat >> /home/root/.ssh/authorized_keys”

For this article we will be running an advanced hotspots collection. Note:  You can get access to help for amplxe-cl by running amplxe-cl –help. You can get a full list of supported collection types by running amplxe-cl –help collect.

    amplxe-cl –target-system=ssh:root@ip_addr –collect advanced-hotspots -d 5 --search-dir bin:p=<local directory containing modules>

·         -target-system=ssh:root@ip_addr

o    This specifies that this will be a remote collection over ssh to the system running at internet address ip_addr.

·         -collect advanced-hotspots

o    This specifies that we will be collecting a advanced hotspots collection. This will give us information on where you are spending time in your program.

·         -d 5

o    This specified the collection will run for 5 seconds.

·         --search-dir bin:p=<local directory containing modules>

o    For system-wide collection, a lot of modules running in the system during the collection are copied from the target to the host, which may take a while. However, this only happens once since amplxe-cl caches the target system modules on the host for faster access during the next collection. If you do not want the command to take the modules from the device you can specify a local directory on the host to be searched first as above. See the VTune Amplifier 2014 for Systems help for more information


VTune Amplifier 2014 for Systems will create a result directory containing the data you collected. To view the data you would use the command:

amplxe-gui r000


VTune Amplifier 2014 for Systems has some powerful features for running collections on a remote target.