Intel® Academic Community announces launch of Centre of Excellence at MSRIT

The Intel® Academic Community helps launch the Centre of Excellence at the M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology to prepare the next generation of software developers from Visveswaraiah Technological University

The Intel® Academic Community announced the launch of its Center of Excellence for faculty training at MSRIT*.

This Center of Excellence at the MSRIT campus, which is fully equipped with latest Intel® hardware and software, aims to train 300 faculties from 155 institutes of the Visveswaraiah Technological University (VTU) on Parallel Programming for the Undergraduate curriculum.

Read the blog post on this event by Scott Apeland – Director, Developer Networks organization.


The chief guests (L to R):
Dr K Rajanikanth – Chairman of the Board of Studies & Principal of MSRIT
Scott Apeland – Director, Developer Networks organization
Prof H P Khincha – Vice Chancellor of VTU University
Prof H S Jamadagni – CEDT at IISC Bangalore
Speaking on the occasion, Narendra Bhandari, Director for Asia Pacific of the Intel Software and Services Group, said, "The initiative is a step in the right direction to empower the faculty of Visveswaraiah Technological University* with information, knowledge and tools from the world over via a single resourceful community.

The Intel® Academic Community already has over 1000 universities as part of the community of which India contributes the highest number at 259. A good example of the power of the community is the efforts of Prof H. S. Jamadagni from IISc Bangalore*. He joined the programme, utilized the tools and developed a world class curriculum on Parallel Programming for his students.

This curriculum is just not beneficial for the IISc students but is also being used now as a reference for developing an undergraduate framework for VTU and other autonomous institutions. Prof Jamadagni is today sharing this curriculum with the online community”


Vice Chancellor in conversation with Prof Jamadagni and Narendra Bhandari – SSG APAC Director , Intel

Vice Chancellor in conversation with Prof Jamadagni and Narendra Bhandari – SSG APAC Director, Intel
The Center of Excellence at MSRIT along with selected faculty from VTU will develop the undergraduate curriculum based on Prof H. S. Jamadagni’s framework and will train faculties on the same to start curriculum implementation at an undergraduate level by 2010.

Speaking at the occasion Prof. Jamadagni said “This event is a launching pad for creating a well knit community of professionals from the university and the Industry, propeling teaching, research and the application of Multicore architecture in the coming years”


Scott Apeland thanking Prof Jamadagni (not in Picture) for the curriculum Handover while Prof Khincha looks on
Scott Apeland, thanking Prof Jamadagni
(not pictured) while Prof Khincha looks on
The Board room with the Directors and principals
The boardroom with directors and principals


Inside the lab
Attendees tour the new lab
The Center of Excellence is of immense use not only for the faculty but also for the students. The students get a complete overview of multi-core architecture, importance of parallelism, threading concepts and methodology. Besides this, students can also avail themselves of the most efficient techniques for performance analysis of Multi-Core platforms using the latest Intel® Software Development Products.

Some of the other leading institutions and universities from India that are a part of the Intel® Academic Community besides the Visveswaraiah Technological University and IISC are IIIT Hyderabad*, IIT Kanpur*, I2IT* to name a few.

This unique programme has worked directly with leading universities in 72 countries to conduct research on future technologies. Since March 2007, over 2474 professors have participated worldwide, and over 130,000 students have directly benefited from the parallel programming classes and access to Intel Software Development Tools and new technologies.


Watch the video, Creating a Curriculum for Parallelism with Dr. HS Jamadagni, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.