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Cloud security adoption has been slow due to overwhelming security complexity and the lack of comprehensive solutions that can effectively project an enterprise class security model on the cloud. Today users have set up redundant accounts with weak passwords that are disconnected from the corporate identity infrastructure, user actions in SaaS apps have no oversight or authorization-leading to sensitive data leakage and compliance risks, and lack of standardized logs block administrators from monitoring or correlating cloud user activity with internal audit repositories.

So how does the enterprise regain control in an environment where security models change by cloud provider or are left entirely up to the enterprise? Intel® cloud security products are the first solution suite designed to control the entire lifecycle of cloud access security providing: SSO, provisioning, strong auth, authorization, and audit.


Control – Account de-provisioning, identity data synchronization, fine grain AuthZ
Visibility – Monitor API access activity, SLA alerts, central admin console
Compliance – Auth soft/hard OTP, log correlation to audit repositories, de-provisioning
Connectors – Integration with IdM systems and popular cloud providers
Client Aware – Unique context based access control based on attributes, network, or client

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