Intel® C++ Compiler for Mac OS* - Compiler Diagnostics (i.e. errors, warnings or remarks)

Diagnostic Definitions
Currently, there is not a comprehensive document that lists the diagnostic definitions for the Intel® C++ Compiler for Mac OS*. For information on a specific diagnostic,  submit an issue and ask us.

Intel® C++ Compiler for Mac OS* Diagnoses More Warnings than GNU Compilers
Typically the Intel® C++ Compiler emits more warnings than the GNU Compilers. These warnings alert programmers to potentially non-portable or dangerous situations. If you have any questions about a warning, please contact Intel® Premier Support.

Disabling Warnings and Errors
If the diagnostic has a number associated with the message (for example, 111), you can disable the message:

Prompt>icc -wd111 a.cpp
You can disable multiple warnings by using a comma-separated list.
Prompt>icc -wd111,222,333 a.cpp