Intel® Cluster Checker 1.8 Execution Time

This article shows reference times for a full execution on different node counts, similar to the one required for Intel Cluster Ready architecture compliance. It is expected that a simple interpolation of the provided values will help to roughly estimate execution time during troubleshooting.

The executed command line is shown below; it uses an almost empty configuration file, only having the node list file location. This configuration selects default values for all checks. MPI-related tests and benchmarks are executed over the best available messaging fabric.

$ cluster-check config.xml --certification

On a reference system the wall time was:

64 nodes: 2097 seconds (about 0.58 hours)
128 nodes: 2825 seconds (about 0.78 hours)
256 nodes: 5655 seconds (about 1.57 hours)
320 nodes: 6915 seconds (about 1.92 hours)


This complete check covers different tests: hardware and software uniformity, health and functional wellness behavior, individual node and cluster wide performance, etc. Check the product documentation to find out how to run a different set of test modules; in order to have a lighter or deeper coverage with a reduced or increased execution time, respectively.

If your system has hundred of nodes check this article for more details.
The details of the system used to gather reference data can be found here.

Disclaimer: Results have been estimated based on internal Intel analysis and are provided for informational purposes only. Any difference in system hardware or software design or configuration may affect actual performance.