Intel Cluster Ready FAQ: Software vendors (ISVs)

Why should we join the Intel Cluster Ready program?
A: By offering registered Intel Cluster Ready applications, you can provide the confidence that applications will run as they should, right away, on certified clusters. Participating in the program will help you increase application adoption, expand application flexibility, and streamline customer support.
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Q: How do we register an application?
A: First, read and accept the program agreement. Once you accept the agreement, we will send you an easy-to-use manual and provide access to a certified Intel Cluster Ready system. You define your own test suite and then verify that your application will run real-world workloads successfully on the certified system. Provide us with the results, and we will send you the official registration notification. Each time you release an updated version of your software, register the new version to ensure compliance and interoperability have not changed.
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Q: How do we join the Intel Cluster Ready program?
A: Read and accept the program agreement

Q: What do we receive when we join the Intel Cluster Ready program?
A: You receive access to:

  • The Intel Cluster Ready Specification
  • A list of pre-certified cluster reference designs
  • Intel Cluster Ready cluster test and tools software and documentation
  • Optional training on the Intel Cluster Ready program and its tools
  • Documented procedures for registration and testing
  • Registration of compliant applications
  • Sales collateral templates
  • Opportunities to be listed in Intel Cluster Ready marketing material

Q: If we have additional questions about how to register our application as Intel Cluster Ready, where can we get technical support?
A: When you accept the program agreement, you will be given an account on the Intel Premier support site. A team of Intel Cluster Ready technical experts monitor the support site and will respond to any technical questions you may have.