Intel® Composer XE 2011 Compilers Fixes List

NOTE: Defects and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe an issue and how it impacted the specific test case. Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please post on the user forums, /en-us/forums or submit an issue to Intel® Premier Support, The fixes list for Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) Library 7.0 can be found here. The fixes list for Intel® MKL Library 10.3 can be found here.

Update 13 (Posted October 2012), Package IDs below


DPD200235712 C++ profmerge crashes
DPD200235814 Fortran Enable enode preprocessing with fp-model set to precise
DPD200236414 Fortran Incorrect results in vectorized loop for the SSE level less than Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX)

Update 12 (Posted September 2012), Package IDs below


DPD200140702 Fortran top/bottom test was not changed after OpenMP*, but loop is marked c_do_while makes vectorization failed.
DPD200153210 C++ Pragma simd - loop not vectorized
DPD200160578 C++ Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC Architecture) Undefined symbols for C++ Virtual Functions
DPD200162187 C++, C Performance regression with sin and cos
DPD200170409 C icc/icl 12.1 beta incorrect outputs with simd vectorization
DPD200174636 Fortran Static Analysis crashes with Internal Error on Fortran project
DPD200177316 Fortran applying -mkl=sequential results in wrong library path generated
DPD200178459 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* crashes without error message on solution load
DPD200179513 Fortran MOVNT instruction not generated for array to array copy when using -xSSE4.2 and -opt-streaming-stores always
DPD200179881 Fortran Incorrect result by auto-vectorization.
DPD200180220 C possible bug in Vectorizer
DPD200180832 Fortran L10N issue: In the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010's Tools > Options > Environments > Fonts and Colors, Fortran related items shown in English
DPD200180904 C memory leak on OpenMP run-time library
DPD200180957 Fortran Vectorizer causes shifting of array values when performing array copy
DPD200181370 Fortran Compiler hangs during the compilation of the test case with -O3 option
DPD200181461 C++ insp-xe wrap utility for Intel® Composer XE 2013 Beta still not thread-safe
DPD200181462 C++ Incorrect loop optimization
DPD200181899 C++ Unresolved external symbol error due to local static guard inside dllimport routine
DPD200181919 C icl rejected parameter for __readdr()
DPD200182177 Fortran "Visual Studio* has encountered an exception"
DPD200214878 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when integer_size is 64 and runtime check enabled for 32-bit binary
DPD200232347 Fortran High Level Optimization loop collapsing causing incorrect results
DPD200232774 C++ Incomplete mangling of lambda objects causes incorrect function calls
DPD200232797 C++, C Vectorizer causes wrong output
DPD200232929 C++ Exception Handling Problem results in wrong result
DPD200233143 C++ Ternary operator gives error: class "std::auto_ptr<...>" has no suitable copy constructor
DPD200233685 Fortran Static Analysis: False Positive. Reports Uninitialized Variable when 'newunit' is used in open statement
DPD200233693 C Vectorizer: incorrect movaps instruction is being generated for accesses through pointer to double
DPD200233931 C++, C Internal error: 0_15113 when compiling
DPD200233948 C++ icl reports unresolved symbol, while Microsoft Visual C++* compiles
DPD200234106 C++ Internal error: backend signals
DPD200234188 C internal error dereferencing null pointer when folding a field selection
DPD200234497 C wrong results with /O2
DPD200234589 C Debug info size increases exponentially on 12.1 as against 11.1
DPD200234772 C++ internal compiler error due to If Fusion
DPD200234827 C++ Internal error: assertion failed
DPD200234895 C++ internal error
DPD200235089 C, C++ segmentation fault when using -O1 -check-pointers=rw
DPD200235181 C++ Incorrect casting with r-value references...
DPD200267489 C /Qprof-gen:scrpos instruments code incorrectly when inline asm is used
DPD200275662 Fortran No enough memory when malloc -1 bytes
DPD200285602 C++ Access segmenation violation on pointer to class with "by value capture" lambda
DPD200287443 C, C++, Fortran Crash at _mkl_pds_blkslv1_unsym_omp_pardiso() from Intel(R) Math Kernel Library (Intel(R) MKL) solver occasionally
DPD200287807 C [FNC] Unexpected PDB error appears during built tachyon_vtune_amp_xe by icl
DPD200295861 C++ assertion in find_corresponding_delete_sym on call of operator new with qualified dependent base class

Update 11 (Posted June 2012), Package IDs below


DPD200138846 C++ Compiler "stealing" a whole OpenMP* parallel region
DPD200166816 C++, C Intel® Composer XE forcing link against libcmt.lib with /MD
DPD200172447 C, C++ Improve distribution mechanism, especially for low trip-count loops
DPD200173485 Fortran subroutine loop not vectorized if called within openMP critical
DPD200174897 Fortran MOVAPS is used for NOT aligned address
DPD200175460 Fortran program crash with -O3 and debug symbols
DPD200177122 C++ select operator on boolean array section conditional based on template class member function return gets wrong result
DPD200177563 Fortran Project dependency checker does not recognize USE :: modulename form of USE statement
DPD200177883 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 2010*: Block indenting with tab broken for fixed format Fortran
DPD200178732 C, C++ __CILKRTS_CACHE_ALIGNED on leftmost_ in reducer class causes runtime crash/bad code with vectorization
DPD200178993 C Intel® Cilk™ Plus crashes with grainsize keyword on Tachyon sample
DPD200179389 C Internal error with OpenMP collapse clause
DPD200179513 Fortran MOVNT instruction not generated for array to array copy when using -xSSE4.2 and -opt-streaming-stores always
DPD200179650 C++ Inappropriate floating point exception
DPD200179687 C internal error: backend signals
DPD200180686 C++ 1x bigger in code size when building with icpc ia32
DPD200180849 C, C++ [L10N-12.1] Build Soution for SSA menu items are Eng
DPD200180876 C++ if test on TR1 shared_ptr only fails if -O0 -vmg specified
DPD200180983 C Missing Improved Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2) intrinsic for VPMULHUW - _mm256_mulhi_epu16
DPD200181006 C++ prof-gen:srcpos causing link error which building C++ to shared object (was: prof-gen causing link error for sstream of STL)
DPD200181085 C Internal error with variable length arrays
DPD200181373 C, C++ Static Analysis silently fails with no SSA results file created or opened in Visual Studio 2008*
DPD200181380 C, C++ Remove BIENDIAN license checks when not necessary
DPD200181404 C icl generates wrong binary code
DPD200181424 C++, C Need manual cpu dispatch name for Ivy Bridge
DPD200181704 C++, C icc 12.1 extremely slow to compile header
DPD200181857 C++ Internal Compiler Error: assertion failed
DPD200182161 C++ assertion "missing default rescan info" on valid template code
DPD200182169 Fortran, C++, C Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC Architecture) App fails to load shared lib when linked to app using a relative path
DPD200182177 Fortran "Visual Studio* has encountered an exception"
DPD200182241 C mechanism by which TLS offsets are generated has changed in 12.0 Compiler
DPD200232430 C++ vectorization generates faulty code for simple loop accessing diagonal elements of matrices
DPD200282166 Fortran Intel® Debugger crashes with FORTRAN expression
DPD200283379 Fortran, C++, C Intel® Debugger does not start with "mpirun"
DPD200283380 Fortran, C++, C Intel® Debugger fails with Intel® MPI library debugging (Red Hat* EL 4)
DPD200286792 C++ ICL generates invalid code -> access violation

Update 10 (Posted April 2012), Package IDs below


DPD200161821 C, C++ Xcode* integration doesn't allow SSE settings for 64-bit
DPD200166283 C++ Incompatible intrinsics declarations between emmintrin.h and winnt.h in Microsoft Visual C* cause icl compile error at /Gz
DPD200168553 C, C++ continue/break support for elemental functions
DPD200168805 C, C++ result of overflow from signed integer addition depends on whether sum is captured in a temporary
DPD200171430 Fortran, C License checkout on Mac OS* X 10.7 emits additional diagnostic
DPD200172208 C OpenMP* runtime policy
DPD200172254 C++, C Incorrect compiler warning: unused variable with assembly code
DPD200172492 Fortran Calling STDCALL version of OMP_SET_NUM_THREADS causes out of memory errors
DPD200174677 Fortran ifort 12.1 an OpenMP tree reduction issue for sum reduction of zero trip-count parallel do in a parallel region
DPD200174965 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with /gen-dep for attached code
DPD200175460 Fortran program crash with -O3 and debug symbols
DPD200175794 C++ No instance of constructor matches argument list
DPD200175816 Fortran Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler XE 12.1 libiomp5md bogus affinity warnings #71 & #72 on AMD*
DPD200176014 C++ Interprocedural Optimization replaces virtual function call and causes runtime seg-fault.
DPD200176074 C Huge memory consumption for compiling a small program
DPD200176160 Fortran OpenMP error: tasking inside contained procudure called from outer OpenMP single region
DPD200176205 C++ OpenMP program aborts with floating point exception error
DPD200176290 C Linux* kernel: gnu* compatibility - icc doesn't generate empty .bss and .data section
DPD200176390 Fortran fatal error LNK1318: Unexpected PDB error when file with just comments is included in hello world project
DPD200176844 C++ seg fault when "new myclass[max(5,8)]"
DPD200176912 Fortran -list option only generates listing for the last file in the compile command
DPD200177013 Fortran Vectorizer causes runtime seg fault
DPD200177211 C++ __super gives ambiguity message with multiple inheritance from an abstract and non abstract base class
DPD200177257 C, C++ Incompatibility between -fasm-blocks & -fms-dialect=10
DPD200177352 C++ Objects created for OpenMP work-sharing constructs with 'firstprivate' clause are not destructed
DPD200177601 Fortran Automatic code dispatching fails for COMPLEX dot product routine - a regression
DPD200177954 C++ Internal error with lambda functions...
DPD200178026 Fortran executable Breaks with -check all -openmp -parallel flags used together
DPD200178282 C, C++ -O3 -ip results in internal error
DPD200178359 Fortran ifort 12.1 Threadizer Internal Compiler Error with '-parallel -xHost'
DPD200178413 C Lost AVG idiom recognition
DPD200178588 C OpenMP loop does not parallelize with the "continue" statement in the catch block
DPD200178775 C++ Variadic template arguments not fully supported for Windows* version
DPD200178794 C, C++, Fortran openmp: cannot disambiguate threadprivate arrays within same common block
DPD200178799 C, C++, Fortran Feature request to introduce new "_si128" names _mm256_slli_si128 and _mm256_srli_si128"
DPD200178823 C Compiler doesn't generate expected code for __writedr()/__readdr() intrinsic
DPD200178843 Fortran /MP and /fpp with missing #include files causes driver loop?
DPD200178863 C, C++ Using anything other than -fp-speculation=fast results in divide by zero exception
DPD200178978 C, C++ Runtime results bad after Parallel Optimization Execution-Driven Code Motion
DPD200179076 C, C++ infinite recursion on passing non-POD class member of packed struct by reference in Gnu mode
DPD200179081 Fortran Incompatibility between compiler releases 11.1 and 12.1 due to renaming of intrinsic module library routines like iso_c_binding_mp_c_funloc
DPD200179123 C, C++ vectorized loop performance experiences 10x regression in 12.1 vs. 12.0/11.1
DPD200179144 Fortran Incorrect error #5526 that a return function value cannot be larger than 2147483647 bytes
DPD200179197 C try and catch in for loop
DPD200179205 Fortran Access violation with 64-bit Release version only
DPD200179298 C++ Precompiled Header logic overrides explicit instantiation logic
DPD200179556 C++ use of -fms-dialect=10 causes compiler error: attributes may not appear here
DPD200179872 Fortran Loop distribution Internal Compiler Error with -xAVX -fpic -fp-model precise
DPD200179900 Fortran Vectorizor bug: if inside double loop
DPD200180009 C++ Interprocedurl Optimization error #11023
DPD200180503 C icc: non nt path is taken for memset/cpy.....
DPD200180537 C, C++ sealed keyword on nested class in template class not recognized resulting in error: expected a ";"
DPD200180553 C++ Loop Profiler does not work with /Qipo on Microsoft Visual Studio*
DPD200180691 C++ -prof-gen causing link error
DPD200180849 C, C++ [L10N-12.1] Build Soution for Static Analysis menu items are English
DPD200180876 C++ if test on TR1 shared_ptr only fails if -O0 -vmg specified
DPD200226374 C, C++ Test failed at -O0
DPD200263021 C++, C SSA: Wrong reports for using inline assembly...
DPD200264023 C++ (0): internal error: 0_0
DPD200267199 C++, C Optimization breaks OpenMP code due to inlining...
DPD200272597 C++ Pointers to members cannot be correctly assigned to int
DPD200274990 Fortran Vectorizer bug with FORTRAN example
DPD200276936 C++ error : backend signals - in combination with variadic template arguments & _rdtsc()

Update 9 (Posted February 2012), Package IDs below


DPD200020697 C, C++ Wanted: Extend unprototyped integer parameters to 64 bits by default
DPD200030503 Fortran Unaligned stack variables for SEQUENCE derived type
DPD200135764 C access violation in libiomp5md.dll
DPD200138148 C++ gcc* compatibility: different behavior for -H option
DPD200138570 C++, Fortran, C Can't generate prefetches with -xavx -opt-prefetch
DPD200153483 Fortran Add support for Outlining in Intel® Visual Fortran Visual Studio* IDE
DPD200156734 Fortran Intel Composer XE 2011 beta -- ifort Internal Compiler Error due to /warn:all
DPD200157324 C++, C Improper message - function was not vectorized: operation cannot be vectorized
DPD200158944 C++ "error #2593: calls to non-vector function are not supported in vector function" in /Od only
DPD200164633 C++ icl can't handle the non-latin characters when doing the preprocessing
DPD200167060 Fortran Intel Fortran Compiler 12.0 fails to vectorize a loop which works in version 11
DPD200168169 Fortran Call to passed internal procedure skips an argument on X64
DPD200172234 Fortran Source coloring for user extended file types broke for Visual Studio 2010* in Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 Update 5
DPD200173039 C++ differences with gcc in template programming & fuction names
DPD200173271 Fortran Right click on breakpoint, select Condition..., selects Code Snippets instead
DPD200173391 Fortran Regression: Assignment to allocatable component of polymorphic type does not reallocate
DPD200173397 C++ internal error: assertion failed: find_assoc_pragma: pragma not found
DPD200173754 C++ Internal Compiler Error: HPC/LCD CEAN trouble
DPD200174066 Fortran Incorrect results with the optimization turned on
DPD200174099 Fortran function doesn't work correct with non-ANSI strings when using Wizard to define a COM interface
DPD200174114 C, C++ Crash when using Profile Guided Optimization Optimization
DPD200174545 Fortran Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004001 (E_NOTIMPL) on non-Engilish Windows 7
DPD200174857 C++ Run time crash with latest 12.1 (update 6) icpc....
DPD200174940 C icl /c /FAs /MPn with n greater than 0 bug
DPD200175122 C++ No symbol "virtual thunk to CryptoPP::DL_GroupParameters_IntegerBasedImpl"
DPD200175567 Fortran MPI2007 130.socorror runtime error with 12.1
DPD200175681 Fortran Error 6463 for derived type with same name as generic, used in module
DPD200175821 Fortran OpenMP* Mac OS X*: 12.1 schedule(dynamic,1) does not parallelize, runs iterations serially
DPD200176090 C++, C problem with const/volatile qualifier on computed goto label
DPD200176124 Fortran Scalar Replacement causes div-by-zero error in NAS Parallel Benchmark
DPD200176166 C, C++ SSA fails to locate dead code for a Visual Studio* solution created by CMake
DPD200176181 C++ Profile Guided Optimization error: relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against protected symbol.
DPD200176211 Fortran Formatted, stream, non-advancing input does not position correctly.
DPD200176219 Fortran ASSOCIATED returns wrong result for polymorphic pointer component of derived type after intrinsic assignment to pointer
DPD200176257 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: Function returning a class pointer to type pointer
DPD200176290 C Linux kernel: gnu* compatibility - icc doesn't generate empty .bss and .data section
DPD200176430 Fortran Error #8382 for overriding type-bound procedure with procedure argument
DPD200176659 Fortran Internal Compiler Error; pointer assignment to function returning a class
DPD200176710 Fortran ifort 12.1 runtime SIGSEGV with polymorphic source allocation of an intrinsic type
DPD200176769 C, C++ Nested exception handling with switch and function with vector arguments doesn't work
DPD200176878 Fortran Final procedure doesn't work due to deallocate in non-related module subroutine.
DPD200176888 C, C++ Tweak on Microsoft mode overload resolution on conversion to bind reference
DPD200176981 Fortran [Coarray Fortran] allocatable array is already allocated
DPD200176994 C++ icl 12.1 causes program runtime crash
DPD200177031 C, C++ expansion of intrinsic bzero clobbers esi
DPD200177218 C++, C Visual Studio 2010 + /MP (Multi-processor Compilation) produces blank lines in output window...
DPD200177249 C++, C Regression: error : 0_1204
DPD200177260 C, C++, Fortran High Level Optimization: loop collapsing regression in 12.1 from 11.1
DPD200177297 Fortran FINDFILEQQ function truncates the PATH environment variable to the first dir in the PATH
DPD200177385 Fortran Internal compiler error with MINLOC of elemental type-bound procedure reference
DPD200177450 C icc will generate critical code for a while loop
DPD200177493 Fortran Error 173 for deallocate of polymorphic pointer to derived type component
DPD200177531 C++ C++ structured exception handling fails in case a function with more than 30 arguments is called in TRY-block
DPD200177632 C++ Function overload incorrectly rejected
DPD200177741 Fortran Return from user defined elemental function corrupts array
DPD200177822 C "(0) internal error: backend signals" at O2
DPD200178120 C, C++ generated code not correct with -O2 after Loop distribution for vectorization
DPD200223783 Fortran Problematic Local/Evaluation Window & eval issues...
DPD200230030 Fortran, C++, C IDB misses to set env. variables needed for OpenMP parallel detection...
DPD200230196 C, C++, Fortran opt pred(Loop Peeling) not adjusting linear-in-innermost properly.
DPD200258475 C, C++ backend signals error related to tr1::function
DPD200259272 C++ [SSA] incorrectly processes intrinsic getrusage on Linux
DPD200261402 C, C++, Fortran Memory leak for function parameters with size >64k
DPD200264045 C++ internal error: assertion failed: lower_constant: bad kind
DPD200264178 C++, C is linker script and IDB does not work with it
DPD200271184 C++ ipo: warning/error #11021: unresolved __builtin_isnan

Update 8 (Posted December 2011), Package IDs below


DPD200003715 C, C++ Q75118: __declspec(align()) doesn't work for s32_t
DPD200008510 C++ Performance enhancements for addressing conflicts on IA-32 architecture
DPD200008558 C++ x86 compile time is 3x slower than cl compiler in Visual Studio .NET 2002*
DPD200008570 C++ internal error on initialization of indirect array
DPD200008609 C++ string literal in an extern inline function is not unique
DPD200009187 C++ Feature request: Warning #964 should be disable for inline functions
DPD200009202 C++ front end should diagnose instrinsics that require constant expression arguments
DPD200009364 C++ Feature request for string function optimization
DPD200011656 Fortran performance loss from distribution of forall() loops
DPD200012143 Fortran Excessive compile time at "-O3" (Unroll Jam)
DPD200013758 C, C++ Proposal: Better support for SIMD / XMM
DPD200022982 Fortran Allow lowest INT8 value as integer constant
DPD200023403 C, C++ remark #810 should not be emitted with explicit cast
DPD200024290 C, C++ icc -fast is slower than gcc*
DPD200028958 C, C++, Fortran Feature request: for -QaxPW's xW path to not check cpuid just like -QxW
DPD200030580 C loads dispersed with /QxB but not /QxT
DPD200032186 Fortran Performance degradation when vectorization is used.
DPD200033813 C, C++ pchi size is 2.4 times of the pch size
DPD200036815 C, C++ two extra temp variables results in 50% speedup for no apparent reason
DPD200038857 Fortran Poor unpcklps-unpcklps sequences generation for SSE loop
DPD200038860 Fortran Register loads were not moved outside of vectorized loop.
DPD200042128 C, C++ Feature request: dependency scanner unable to expand macro in #include statement
DPD200050372 C++ vector class interface for svml functions
DPD200135764 C access violation in libiomp5md.dll
DPD200138943 C++ Feature request: extending functionality of F32vec4 class
DPD200139685 C icc needs to recognize --param name=value
DPD200156236 Fortran Feature request: allow fpp command line buffer to grow, rather than be static
DPD200158944 C++ "error #2593: calls to non-vector function are not supported in vector function" in /Od only
DPD200164831 C Feature request: multiply_horizontal should be add for all SIMD class
DPD200166806 C++ erfinv was not available via SVML interface
DPD200168065 C++ cilkscreen reporting races on code protected by Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) spin_rw_mutex lock
DPD200168762 Fortran Intel Composer XE 2011 SP1 Beta: Install 12.0, the 12.1, then uninstall 12.1, seeing unexpected behavior.
DPD200169563 Fortran INQUIRE returns no filename for unit opened with NEWUNIT=
DPD200170740 C internal error: assertion failed on initializers in vector initialization
DPD200171498 C, C++ pragma optimization_parameter is lost after inlining
DPD200171774 C++ (0): internal error: backend signals during compilation with openmp*
DPD200171921 C The inline asm makes the compiler hanging
DPD200172180 C signbit builtins are missing from the intrinsic table in icc
DPD200172234 Fortran Source coloring for user extended file types broke for Visual Studio 2010* in Intel Composer XE 2011 Update 5
DPD200172394 Fortran Internal Compiler Error regression in SIMP
DPD200172443 C++ vector function call-site vectorization fails with const reference to member struct uniform argument
DPD200172450 C++, C vectorizer produces poor sequence for packed word to packed unsigned byte conversion
DPD200172602 Fortran Failed to finish compilation when option -O2 -xSSE3 enabled
DPD200172621 Fortran Internal compiler error during x86 code generation
DPD200172889 C++ compiler spends too much time in HSH_Lookup at -O3
DPD200172952 C++ VEX Encoding Issue
DPD200173008 C++ Try/Catch (within worksharing Construct) in OpenMP fails in 32 bit Intel C++ Compiler 12.0.5 with Optimization /O2
DPD200173271 Fortran Right click on breakpoint, select Condition..., selects Code Snippets instead
DPD200173423 Fortran shell_patch.msi missing from Visual Studio* Shell install
DPD200173471 C OpenMP* 3.1 in Intel Composer Update 6 sets _OPENMP macro incorrectly
DPD200173496 Fortran Visual Studio 2010 does not add /free on command line for user-added free-form source file types
DPD200173541 Fortran Fixed-form source coloring missing for .for file not part of project
DPD200173748 Fortran use /recursive results in unresolved external symbol Linker error
DPD200173923 Fortran Internal Compiler Error in front-end when using EXTENDS_TYPE_OF construct
DPD200173976 Fortran Access Violation when deallocating array for program requiring a large amount of memory on Windows*
DPD200174029 C++ no instance of overloaded function"boost::bind" matches the argument list
DPD200174099 Fortran function doesn't work correct with non-ANSI strings when using Wizard to define a COM interface
DPD200174116 Fortran Unexpected destruction of saved variable
DPD200174246 Fortran Wrong results with the O3 optimization level
DPD200174279 C, C++ tselect returns "shared/pgopti/profmerge.h:1106 ASSERTX(i < dpi->block_cnt)"
DPD200174467 C, C++, Fortran OpenMP 3.0: Enable -switch omp3_private by default
DPD200174755 C++ ICC 12.1 report "internal error" when using c++0x lambda expression with "[=]" for class
DPD200174895 C Incorrect threatment of denormalized floats in vectorized code
DPD200174939 C++ Font rendering problem with Qt 4.7.3 with 16 bit displays
DPD200174957 C, C++, Fortran PATH overflow truncating user's system PATH on Windows Vista*
DPD200175015 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: -O3 -heap-arrays causes error during merging of idendical IF blocks
DPD200175152 C Dependency analysis much slower in 12.1 compared to 12.0
DPD200175316 Fortran Syntax coloring does not understand character literals with an explicit kind
DPD200175390 Fortran Segmentation fault on deallocation
DPD200175416 Fortran Internal Compiler Error using -openmp, check:ptr and optional array
DPD200175444 C++ Intel Composer XE C++ 2011.7.256 icc -v is wrong...
DPD200175492 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with generic interface, deferred bindings
DPD200175631 Fortran, C, C++ Mac OS* X: -staticlib broken in 12.1
DPD200175638 Fortran incorrect reference generated causing link error
DPD200175837 Fortran Unexpected "undefined reference to `init_'" failure
DPD200175897 C++ possible memory disambiguation problem with classes that use Boost conversion_traits
DPD200175972 C, C++ Accessing tracking log files causes parallel compilation ( /MP ) to randomly terminate premature
DPD200175995 C Version number inconsistency causing confusion.....
DPD200220441 C++ icc does not catch case where a thread-local variable is dynamically initialized
DPD200223776 Fortran, C, C++ incorrect _BIT_SCAN_REVERSE generated
DPD200223783 Fortran Problematic Local/Evaluation Window & eval issues...
DPD200230030 Fortran, C++, C IDB misses to set env. variables needed for OpenMP parallel detection...
DPD200262201 C++ Backend Signals with -fPIC and -O2
DPD200264178 C++, C is linker script and IDB does not work with it

Update 7 (Posted October 2011), Package IDs below


DPD200003715 C, C++ __declspec(align()) doesn't work for s32_t
DPD200004267 C++ icc error message can be improved - gcc* crisp for the same errata
DPD200004363 C, C++ Loop doesn't vectorize because compiler doesn't recognize unconditional write
DPD200008234 C++ Dead code not being eliminated
DPD200008624 C++ changing #define causes significant increase in execution time/resource consumpt
DPD200009354 Fortran Fortran Feature Request: Smart Indenting in the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET* IDE
DPD200011055 C++ bug: var arg not passed correctly
DPD200016406 Fortran Performance: IVF 9.0.021 is 8 times slower than CVF 6.6b with "/O3 /QxN"
DPD200023096 Fortran [Feature Request/IDE Integration] :: "go to definition" feature like VC++
DPD200030310 C Common subexpression elimination?
DPD200031519 Fortran ifort is slower than g77* on nint.
DPD200031953 C++ icc doesn't escape spaces in file names when generating dependency info
DPD200032186 Fortran Performance degradation due to High Level Optimization when vectorization is used.
DPD200034281 C++ Enable Vectorization Using C++ Class member data in loop & Hoist loop-invariant
DPD200035483 Fortran Internal Compiler Error - caused due to -diag-enable sv-include
DPD200035534 Fortran How to compile a single source code on Visual Studio Premier Partner Edition* [XL#18445]
DPD200035721 C, C++ gcc: Feature request to implement -Wextra (and -W) to issue extra warnings
DPD200036277 C parser failure with line breaks between tokens
DPD200036485 Fortran Performance drop due to vectorization on AMD Opteron*.
DPD200036855 C, C++, Fortran Feature Request: Support -mfpmath=sse -msse -march=k8 -ftree-vectorize
DPD200038442 Fortran Fortran Run-Time Libraries: severe(157): access violation with /QxT and /Qipo for allocatable array
DPD200038857 Fortran Poor unpcklps-unpcklps sequences generation for SSE loop
DPD200038860 Fortran Register loads were not moved outside of vectorized loop.
DPD200038925 Fortran ifort does not vectorize some loops properly
DPD200039038 Fortran Warning about call to routines with wrong number of arguments in IVF
DPD200039210 Fortran High Level Optimization scalar replacement causes wrong results at run time.
DPD200039216 Fortran Problem with diagnosis by Static Verifier
DPD200039217 Fortran Static verifier diagnosis wrong
DPD200039680 Fortran Debugger: "watch variable xyz) changed" message.
DPD200040907 C++ problem with -cxxlib= along with gxx-name=<>
DPD200040958 Fortran Fail to vectorize loop with bogus "condition may protect exception"
DPD200042103 C++ Handling 128MB of initializer data for a single variable
DPD200042104 Fortran No optimizations performed with REAL(16) expressions
DPD200044914 C, C++ combining the manually unrolled loops for better vectorization
DPD200050517 C, C++ run-time bus error on -O1 or higher with huge static array
DPD200139760 C Seemingly safe loop not vectorizing; vec-report5 doesn't say why
DPD200140667 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200140758 C, C++ OpenMP* test case with unsigend int for loop executes as infinite loop (scalar is O.K.)
DPD200140915 Fortran [IL0] IL0 Norm Promote Statics causes incorrect output.
DPD200141116 Fortran trip count estimate by upper bound trace back
DPD200141383 Fortran Stack displayed with /check is truncated if too long; no traceback on IA-32 architecture Windows* with production Run-Time Libraries
DPD200149066 C "catastrophic error" message from #pragma SIMD
DPD200149082 C, C++ pragma SIMD overridden by -fp-model precise
DPD200152465 Fortran Fixed trip count prevents vectorization
DPD200153221 C++ pragma simd: loop not vectorized
DPD200154022 C, C++ __m256 constant initialization should not use AVX instructions
DPD200156033 C++ ICC: C++ Extension for Array Notation much slower than auto vectorization
DPD200159917 C++ OpenMP : collapse clause broken
DPD200160495 C++ performance improvement for function max/min
DPD200160783 C, C++ SIMD loop doesn't vectorize when trying to print the value of the private variable outside the loop itself.
DPD200160978 Fortran OpenMP - Segment fault on I/O for allocatable array in parallel private/task firstprivate array.
DPD200161616 Fortran Feature Request: Allow FORALL statement/construct under OpenMP SINGLE directive
DPD200162911 C, C++ build error: allow Gnu* statement expressions in constructor initializers
DPD200163017 Fortran Internal compiler error - segmentation fault in axALLOC () related to derived/extended types
DPD200163568 C++ Elemental functions results in perf slowdown for multiple arrays accessing same input data
DPD200165626 C++ icl doesn't vectorizes the loop with /QxAVX, while it does with /QxSSE4.2
DPD200166396 Fortran streaming stores lost for large arrays
DPD200167687 C++, C Mac OS* X: bad path in hmap file results in internal error
DPD200168148 Fortran Fortran: Invalid specified-width integer kind parameter values in iso_c_binding module
DPD200168350 C, C++ pragma containing parens causes hard error "error: expected an identifier"
DPD200168406 Fortran Derived type component can be watched by mouse over selected text in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010*
DPD200168541 Fortran [Feature Request] Intel Fortran runtime library is not checking the return code from GETCWD when it opens a file
DPD200168669 C++, C Compiler errors when calling min/max using Array Notation
DPD200168823 Fortran regression in 12.0 and mainline IPO gives wrong results, possible movement of vector intrinsics
DPD200168967 C++ UnhandledExceptionFilter did not call, if the throw happen in the different translation union where setUnhandledExceptionFilter is called.
DPD200169073 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for generic interface and derived type with same name as intrinsic
DPD200169435 C, C++ request for cilkscreen to return a non-zero value when races are detected
DPD200169528 Fortran Multiple errors with derived type and generic with same name
DPD200169563 Fortran INQUIRE returns no filename for unit opened with NEWUNIT=
DPD200169598 Fortran INTENT(OUT), OPTIONAL derived type with ALLOCATABLE components does not get deallocated on entry
DPD200169724 C++ Compatibility alignment of vfptr and vbptr in virtual inheritance case
DPD200169811 C, C++ parallel make causes intermittent xiar error ar: No such file or directory
DPD200170041 Fortran Access violation for nested optional polymorphic argument with /check:pointer
DPD200170099 Fortran First private declaration of variable without definition results in incorrect results
DPD200170126 C++, C Internal compiler error
DPD200170389 C++ internal error: OpenMP 3.0 and exception handling on Windows
DPD200170482 C++ The /Qipo breaks compilation with /SAFESEH
DPD200170486 Fortran Unexpected behaviour in function invocation
DPD200170535 Fortran ifort 12.0 failure to override generic type-bound procedure
DPD200170587 Fortran, C++ icl/ifort 12.1 beta installer states 11.1 compilers can be selected in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 IDE
DPD200170608 C Internal compiler error backed signal; occurs with _try and _finally
DPD200170647 Fortran Memory management problems
DPD200170811 C Incorrect code for *if* when optimization is on
DPD200171123 C++ bug with -fvisibility and friend declarations
DPD200171212 C, C++ internal error on engineering compiler
DPD200171279 C++ icc exits with error - undefined reference std::istream::seekg
DPD200171289 C++ problem with overloading of const volatile ref when doing overload on lvalue param
DPD200171482 C, C++ Loop reversal causes runfail
DPD200171594 Fortran Internal Compiler Error during IPO
DPD200171610 Fortran, C++, C IDB should display informative error message in case components are mssing
DPD200171690 Fortran Wrong answer for multi-version code based on alignment
DPD200171827 Fortran Assignment Overload bug with intent(out) argument
DPD200171869 C Building Peerblock application at /Qipo causes unresolved error
DPD200172011 Fortran label has been defined more than once
DPD200172013 Fortran ifort failed on OpenMP atomic directive with access to derived type component.
DPD200172025 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with -debug all option in OpenMP code
DPD200172154 Fortran Incorrect error "invoking a function subprogram as a subroutine" by "-warn interface"
DPD200172232 C run-time error in debug build: "0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0xcccccccc"
DPD200172264 C++ Exception handling segmentation fault on MontaVista Linux
DPD200172316 C++ error: a parameter may not have void type
DPD200172406 C++ a runtime crash happens
DPD200172417 C Compiling error "icc: error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 1)" when using asm() with 'lzcnt' instructions.
DPD200172461 C++ private inheritance of a class with a vtable but no virtual destructor
DPD200172513 C++ error #13002: unexpected generic message argument
DPD200172670 C++ internal error: 0_1451
DPD200172757 C, C++ IDE integration could not upgrade the .icproj file with relative path
DPD200172763 C++ Internal compiler error in HLO/HPO Vectorizer
DPD200172774 C++ visibility attribute on member function should take precedence over visibility of class
DPD200172961 Fortran Scalar Replacement cause wrong results in 12.0
DPD200172966 C++, C Intel Compiler no minimal rebuild problem
DPD200172992 Fortran IDB does not handle FORTRAN derived-type -- get a SIGSEGV
DPD200173055 C, C++ error #30031: Missing or unexpected option value for diag_once
DPD200173061 C++ error: incomplete type is not allowed
DPD200173285 C++ internal error: assertion failed: find_assoc_pragma: pragma not found (shared/cfe/edgcpfe/il.c, line 19440)
DPD200173423 Fortran shell_patch.msi missing from VS Shell install
DPD200173496 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 does not add /free on command line for user-added free-form source file types
DPD200173541 Fortran Fixed-form source coloring missing for .for file not part of project
DPD200173549 C, C++ Intel® C++ Compiler XE 12.0 sets FrameworkSdkDir to wrong values
DPD200173570 Fortran 12.1 installation hangs when updating existing 12.1 beta.
DPD200173612 C, C++ Mac OS X/gcc: support for gcc/clang -Wno- compile options
DPD200173649 Fortran (Child of DPD200172966) Intel Compiler no minimal rebuild problem
DPD200173879 Fortran INQUIRE on random units hang after 10s to 100s of inquires
DPD200173924 C idbc 12.1 cannot debug a core file (regression)
DPD200173957 Fortran link error with abstract interface
DPD200174277 Fortran regression found in 12.1 Linux Compiler
DPD200214860 C++ [High Level Optimization] Incorrect movement of an assigment expression inside a loop.
DPD200215303 Fortran Invalid EXPONENT result for NaN/infinity
DPD200216582 Fortran Some module variables not visible during debugging
DPD200221301 C __attribute__((noinline)) removes "weakness" of symbol
DPD200223583 Fortran /extend_source:80 option should be ignored for free-form files
DPD200223776 Fortran, C++, C (sibling of DPD200171612): incorrect _BIT_SCAN_REVERSE generated
DPD200225195 Fortran Internal compiler error with -warn interfaces where module is named similar to external called routine in same file
DPD200225700 Fortran Error adding setup Wizard project in an existing Visual Fortran Solution
DPD200230030 Fortran, C++, C IDB misses to set env. variables needed for OpenMP parallel detection...

Update 6 (Posted September 2011), Package IDs below


DPD200003840 C++ Feature Request : Proposal for new compiler optimization, example improved 9X
DPD200006975 C, C++ internal error assertion failed
DPD200008242 C++ internal error: assertion failed
DPD200008294 C++ internal compiler error "illegal unknown parent packet"
DPD200017799 C++ Request to support Microsoft Visual C++* __if_exists keyword on Linux*
DPD200020391 C++ allow floating point template params in function templates for Microsoft Visual C++ >= 7.1
DPD200020733 C++ Compiler assertion in invalid templates
DPD200025491 C++ Template lookup difference
DPD200026830 C Compiler produces redundant codes on "c= a - (-b)"
DPD200027211 C++ GNU* Compability: GNU Considering support for variadic templates in gcc* 4.3
DPD200028917 C, C++ too many arguments on command line when using multiple -Wp,-MD args
DPD200032351 C++ icl doesn't report an error on const char * violation while Microsoft Visual Studio 2005* does
DPD200033127 Fortran vectorized result stored twice
DPD200034128 Fortran a loop was not vectorized when constant value from an array is used
DPD200035632 C++ assertion failed caused by not using the template keyword
DPD200037200 C icc 10.1 -fmudflap causes incorrect behavior
DPD200038263 C++ Internal error: assertion failed
DPD200038312 C++ internal error - assertion failed
DPD200041913 C++ gcc 4.3: allow template parameter as argument to __aligned__ attribute
DPD200041935 Fortran FORALL does not work with arrays of characters
DPD200042092 C++ Feature request : Pass by reference with variable number of arguments
DPD200042101 C++ overload resolution bug
DPD200043595 C++ Crash call stack lost/corrupted in code built using Intel Compiler
DPD200044912 C, C++ Recognizing as loop invariant & efficient code generation
DPD200049580 C++ Static Verifier:Incorrect memory leak error
DPD200111150 C++ Missing Loop Vectorization for C++
DPD200117792 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when SOURCE=expr is the external function returning polymorphic result
DPD200120103 Fortran F2003 - Internal Compiler Error with assignment using polymorphic dummy argument - source=class
DPD200121128 C, C++, Fortran Support for "-fopenmp" for gcc 4 compatibility
DPD200136805 C++ Intel® C++ compiler is ignoring the noinline attribute if it is only on the template function definition.
DPD200137122 C Support for -Wdeclaration-after-statement
DPD200137765 C, C++ Apple* Blocks
DPD200138352 C, C++ renaming the ICProjConvertXXX.exe for sub-release like 12.1
DPD200138873 C++ Name mangling of intrinsic vector types changed
DPD200139672 C++ Microsoft* compatibility on lookup of dependent nested template base class
DPD200140461 C Linux* kernel: misc.c - suspect invalid control flow graph out of Front End leads to back code generation
DPD200140569 C++ Error with /FR compiler option
DPD200141258 C icc generates inefficient code for GNU*-style inline assembly
DPD200141383 Fortran Stack displayed with /check is truncated if too long; no traceback on IA-32 Architecture Windows with production Run Time Libraries
DPD200141685 Fortran ALLOCATABLE components of polymorphic INTENT(OUT) dummy argument not deallocated on entry
DPD200142509 C++ Feature Request: support C++0x nullptr feature
DPD200142514 C++ Inefficient code for loop with contant bound compared with gcc 4.4
DPD200148868 C++ Misrosoft Visual C++ 2010*: need to implement new pragma detect_mismatch
DPD200148879 Fortran Modify warning #6375 to indicate potential performance impact
DPD200148943 C++ Compound initializers act differently between g++* and icpc
DPD200149084 C++ pointer to member function casting problem
DPD200149113 Fortran Qwin dialog broken on Windows 7*
DPD200149218 Fortran source checker gives incorrect diagnostic messages
DPD200149442 Fortran -xAVX vs. -xSSE4.2 1.2x degradation
DPD200150235 C++ typeid(*this) leads to runtime fail on Mac OS* X
DPD200150750 Fortran ifort 11.1 incorrect output with -fpe1 on Intel64® Linux
DPD200150777 C++ Static variables of static inline function are not identical when loaded from Library and main at -O2 - brutus points to Interprocedural optimization
DPD200152798 C++ Integrate new attribute and declspec framework
DPD200153107 Fortran !$OMP ATOMIC directive is improper when using an exponential function
DPD200153212 C++ pragma simd : loops not vectorized
DPD200153824 Fortran skipped assignment statement at -O1
DPD200153925 C, C++ Missed idivq optimization opportunity
DPD200154328 C++ Support for c++0x keywords char16_t & char32_t
DPD200154397 C++ The icc compiler doesn't support alias-declaration
DPD200154515 Fortran VOLATILE seemingly ignored for array variable
DPD200154560 Fortran Access violation under level 1 optimization
DPD200154730 C++ vzeroupper insertion should be controlled under Brutus
DPD200154780 C++ AVX1 port is slower than SSE, perhaps due to unintrin lowering of set intrinsics
DPD200155151 C, C++ Slow compile time calculating data dependences in small program
DPD200155386 C++ Latest 11.1 - High Levle Optimization Unroll Jam result in incorrect output on all Intel64 platform (Mac OS X, Windows*, Linux)
DPD200155526 C Reduction recognition failure in handling data dependence
DPD200155596 Fortran crashes with type-bound procedure
DPD200155923 C, C++ Request to improve XML output from code coverage to contain same info HTML output does
DPD200156039 C++ Generated offsets are wrong in the symbol table
DPD200156406 Fortran floating-point loop performs worse with AVX than SSE
DPD200156413 Fortran compiling invalid code related to looping calls
DPD200156460 Fortran ifort Internal Compiler Error internal abort 0_12307
DPD200156462 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: Internal Compiler Error for code containing image_index intrinsic call
DPD200156464 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: this_image() intrinsic returns wrong value if lower bound is not 1
DPD200156509 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: this_image intrinsic returns wrong lower bound for scalar with codimension lb equal to 0
DPD200156512 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: statement ERROR STOP causes application hang, must Ctrl-C to exit
DPD200156513 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: this_image() intrinsic returns wrong result for allocatable array with codimension with lower bound 0
DPD200156515 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: intrinsic this_image(x) is completely wrong for coarray arg with codimension [2,*]
DPD200156516 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: intrinsic this_image( x ) results incorrect when X is array declared in module with codimensions [2,*]
DPD200156534 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: application hangs in CRITICAL region
DPD200156603 C++ Compiler runs out of memory when doing a full Interprocedurl Optimization build
DPD200156994 C, C++, Fortran OpenMP* samples from "Intel® Parallel Composer 2011" and "Intel® C++/Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows" packages show warnings in run time
DPD200157268 Fortran incorrect error #6405: The same named entity from different modules
DPD200157379 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200157386 Fortran Multiple errors with ALLOCATE(polymorphic, SOURCE=non-polymorphic)
DPD200157390 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for ALLOCATE of component, with SOURCE=, where component not declared
DPD200157797 C assertion
DPD200157801 C assertion on invalid arguments
DPD200157818 C++ need to disable Microsoft* bug that allows conversion of pointer types with different qualifiers in Microsoft Visual C++ 2003* and later
DPD200158130 Fortran Compilation of large source file never (?) completes
DPD200158467 C, C++ IDE conversion log should note when -nodefaultlib user setting is set
DPD200158485 Fortran Missing temporary due to incomplete dependency analysis
DPD200158546 Fortran Excessive compile time with -openmp and -O3
DPD200158731 C, C++ Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 ASM
DPD200159574 C++, C need a cmd line ultility like ICProjConvert120.exe for Mirocsoft Visual Studio 2010* project
DPD200159627 C, C++ Negative strides in Intel® Cilk™ Plus array notation not working as expected
DPD200159908 C++ Inappropriate floating point exception
DPD200160251 C++ internal error: backend signal when failing to use a PCH file
DPD200160544 Fortran Use of DC on input causes wrong value to be stored
DPD200161037 C, C++ "Exclude from Project" selection on File context menu causes "View all Files" button to disappear
DPD200161068 C Decimal to DFP conversions very poor
DPD200161166 Fortran fpp not accepting long lines
DPD200161238 C, C++ chromium build error: problem with lookup of __builtin_va_list on 64 bit platforms
DPD200161296 C, C++ chromium build error: member function of unnamed namespace
DPD200161472 Fortran Stack not cut back after call to function returning pointer
DPD200161484 Fortran cxxlib with traceback requests libunwind
DPD200161712 C GCC compatibility issue - warning #269 - invalid format string conversion
DPD200161737 C++ icpc generates invalid data
DPD200161846 C++ Decimal to binary floating-point conversion very wrong sometimes
DPD200162017 Fortran QWIN Fortran Unit with mouse subroutine
DPD200162194 C, C++ Missed sin cos optimization
DPD200162274 C, C++ Right-click on Project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, "Intel C++ Composer XE" menu item only exists when toolset is selected
DPD200162618 C, C++ Support for Intel Cilk Plus runtime and headers on Mac OS X
DPD200162632 C, C++ icc calls libtool to link where gcc calls ld
DPD200162767 Fortran ifort 12.0 Internal Compiler Error with component selector syntax (finalizer with type bound procedure)
DPD200162898 C++ icl generates incorrect code
DPD200162937 Fortran Compiler accepts /stand:f08, treats it as /stand:f90
DPD200163164 C, C++ icc cilk_for produces gratuitous warning on -Wshadow
DPD200163257 Fortran ifort 11.1/12.0 fixed format bug when a variable name starts with "if"
DPD200163276 Fortran OpenMP 3.1 - allow Fortran pointers {F90 & Cray) in FIRSTPRIVATE and LASTPRIVATE
DPD200163328 Fortran Source Correlation Incorrect And Causes Jumping-Around In Debuggers
DPD200163358 C++, C Use of IOSTREAM and its impact on loop upper bound memref hoisting
DPD200163453 C, C++ Unsuitable examples in "Auto-parallelization Overview"
DPD200163567 Fortran Direct Access IO on Windows 7 or Windows Vista* uses up system memory.
DPD200163881 Fortran Incorrect lower bound reported for ASSOCIATE use of derived type with explicit shape array component
DPD200163936 C Enable __GXX_EXPERIMENTAL_CXX0X __ for gcc 4.5 earlier, increase HIGHEST to 4.6
DPD200164322 C, C++ Performance problems with applications that leave Intel Cilk Plus and re-enter quickly
DPD200164371 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for SIZE(TRANSFER(derived-type,[0])) in specification expression
DPD200164491 C, C++ stack overflow due to Intel Cilk Plus Array Notation remark #18012: A temporary array is allocated to resolve data dependencies
DPD200164628 Fortran Fatal compilation error: Out of memory with check bounds enabled
DPD200164704 Fortran Feature Request: add array name to error #5536: Array bounds information needed, but not available for assumed-size array
DPD200164781 Fortran Intel® Inspector XE reports Races on OpenMP lines in Fortran
DPD200164894 C++ Need description of compiler -ftls-model
DPD200165033 C, C++ compiler is incorrectly flagging a valid OpenMP loop as non-conforming
DPD200165041 Fortran Intel® Fortran compiler bug with -assume realloc_lhs
DPD200165184 Fortran /Zl does not omit all library names from object file
DPD200165369 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for structure constructor with zero-size character array constructor
DPD200165433 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with iso varying string feature (NULLSYM appears in Len: expression)
DPD200165504 Fortran More QuickWin problems
DPD200165654 C SSA flags assignment of integer variable to pointer but not integer expression to pointer
DPD200165686 C++, C Internal error: backend signals with -O1 -openmp
DPD200165718 Fortran Compiler internal error - mismatched data type in expr
DPD200165890 C icc: error #10106: Fatal error in .../mcpcom, terminated by EMT instruction
DPD200165982 Fortran Co-Array Fortran Build reports unresolved external
DPD200166132 Fortran internal error when %VAL is used
DPD200166178 Fortran Incorrect error 7836 when passing character scalar to character dummy array
DPD200166280 Fortran High Level Optimization Scalar replacement doesn't work correct
DPD200166445 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200166585 Fortran Internal compiler error with /warn:unused
DPD200166614 C, C++ Need -masm=dialect option suport on Linux
DPD200166642 C build error at -ipo on Linux RHEL6.0
DPD200166649 Fortran Incorrect error 8383 when overriding type-bound procedure with implicit type argument
DPD200166666 Fortran Internal compiler error for wrong usage of .not.ASSOCIATED
DPD200166713 C++, C read-only .icproj causing issue when upgrading from 11.1 to 12.0 in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008*
DPD200166823 C++ -O1 generates bad code
DPD200166824 C++ XILINK : internal error : backend signals with /bigobj
DPD200166832 Fortran ifort 12.0 Fw.d data edit descriptor inconsistent for w=0
DPD200166876 Fortran Segmentation fault with -coarray
DPD200166968 C, C++ User defined Floating point option is altered to /FP:fast after project conversion
DPD200166993 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: Compiler access violation for code with variable format expression compiled /debug
DPD200167271 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: Wrong value for THIS_IMAGE(X) in subroutine with coarray dummy
DPD200167297 Fortran pack symbol table - internal compiler error.
DPD200167527 C++, C Poor performance usign bool vectors with Intel Cilk Plus Array Notation
DPD200167528 Fortran, C++, C Compiler emits warning: warning #13380:Compiler cannot load imf dispatching library for new structure of compiler
DPD200167750 Fortran Compiler error generated by a valid WRITE statement
DPD200167753 Fortran "INTERFACE/CONTAINS stack is full" error reported when using procedures bounded by name to derived type
DPD200167757 C++ icl/cl compatibility on parsing string literals;
DPD200167926 Fortran Missing error for component declaration after CONTAINS in type declaration
DPD200167936 Fortran /assume:noold_ldout_format causes LOGICAL components of nested derived types to not be written in list-directed
DPD200167989 Fortran Keyword arguments not working for generic type-bound procedure
DPD200168025 Fortran EOSHIFT result assigned to array slice with non-zero lower bound ignores lower bound
DPD200168113 Fortran invalid warning #8449: The type/rank/keyword signature for valid generic
DPD200168254 C, C++ Internal Compiler Error with TLS variables
DPD200168295 Fortran Passing procedure to procedure pointer gives incorrect results
DPD200168356 Fortran ifort 12.0 ignores CONTIGUOUS attribute for assumed shape array in abstract interface
DPD200168359 Fortran USE ONLY in a mod prevents type declaration visibility in subsequent USE
DPD200168404 Fortran 12.0 runtiime crash on 64-bit Windows
DPD200168454 C++ icl 12.0 Pragma SIMD fails to vectorize where Intel Cilk Plus Array Notation succeeds
DPD200168481 Fortran Strange results when compiled -r8 and -fpe0
DPD200168665 Fortran regression at O1 in 11.x and 12.x compilers due to loop rematerialization
DPD200168672 C bug in "Dead code elimination"
DPD200168701 C, C++ Interprocedural Optimization erroneously reports auto-linked library is unable to be found when library and path is supplied at link line
DPD200168851 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on assignment of array function result to coarray
DPD200168881 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for NULL() as actual where dummy is OPTIONAL non-pointer argument
DPD200168903 C, C++ Error in processing CUDA Build rule file
DPD200168926 Fortran DATE_AND_TIME does not blank pad arguments
DPD200168946 Fortran Stream READ with POS after WRITE with POS causes INQUIRE(POSITION=) to be wrong
DPD200168982 Fortran -fpe0 with -fp-model precise causes underflow exception
DPD200169023 Fortran Fortran 2003: Decimal edit mode COMMA ignored on input/output
DPD200169040 C++ unsupported data type for vector functions
DPD200169238 Fortran Assignment to allocatable structure component containing allocatable causes Internal Compiler Error with /assume:realloc_lhs on IA-32 architecture
DPD200169239 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for ALLOCATE(A(:))
DPD200169269 C, C++ cross build settings not supported by ICC
DPD200169281 Fortran ifort 11.1/12.0 incorrect stack/register usage for a function returning C_PTR with BIND(C)
DPD200169304 Fortran ifort 12.0 fails to recognize a PURE function
DPD200169377 Fortran External reference created to deferred, abstract procedure
DPD200169440 Fortran Type-Bound Procedure override lost inside other Type-Bound Procedure
DPD200169598 Fortran INTENT(OUT), OPTIONAL derived type with ALLOCATABLE components does not get deallocated on entry
DPD200169620 Fortran, C++, C Feature Request: Update documentation to describe how to initilaize and shut down the Fortran RTL from a C main program
DPD200169712 C 12.1 Compiler generates blocked store forward from AVX-targeted array notation code
DPD200169785 Fortran IFORT: error on array dimension depending on a function call
DPD200169831 Fortran compilation with -syntax-only fails when file name longer than 15 character
DPD200169985 Fortran Use of unlimited format repeat count gives error, not warning, with standards checking
DPD200170083 Fortran Incorrect associated result when target is an allocatable scalar
DPD200170185 C++ "#pragma always aligned nontemporal" fails to generate non temporal instructions
DPD200170200 Fortran Double-click mouse event lost with QuickWin fix
DPD200170206 Fortran regression in 12.x and mainline, incorrect scalar value in O3 optimized code
DPD200170281 C++ problem with binding of const lvalue to rvalue ref in g++ 4.5 and earlier compatibility modes
DPD200170333 C, C++, Fortran /Qx switches incompatible with /Qipo and no warning
DPD200170375 Fortran SPORT library cannot access COM ports greater than 9
DPD200170381 C++, C Interprocedural Optimization fails on -Wl,--threads -Wl,--thread-count=4 option
DPD200170394 C++, C miscompilation with -O3
DPD200170415 Fortran DLL COM server fails to register on Intel64
DPD200170548 C, C++ warning #2659: attribute "align" ignored because no definition follows
DPD200170587 Fortran, C++ icl/ifort 12.1 beta installer states 11.1 compilers can be selected in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 IDE
DPD200170792 C++ icl/cl compatibility: nontype std::Classtype is not a typedef
DPD200170807 C internal error: 0_1 on Linux Intel® 64 and IA-32 architecture
DPD200170838 C, C++ Code not correct with engineering compiler
DPD200170861 C++ (0): internal error: backend signals --- from Vectorizer
DPD200171003 C++ Early Predicates Optimization - internal error: backend signals
DPD200171244 C++ template template parameter mismatch should cause substitution failure
DPD200171373 C++ SFINAE not suppressing instantiation in Boost library (regression in EDG 4.3)
DPD200171443 C++ icpc doesn't appear to generate full debug info for template class methods.....
DPD200171578 C, C++ Bug when switching to using Microsoft Visual C*
DPD200171599 C, C++ Misleading error message when converting Makefile projects
DPD200171753 C, C++ Guided Auto-Parallelization Analysis on a single file from context menu doesn't work in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
DPD200171791 C++ (0): internal error: backend signals in Vectorizer
DPD200186896 Fortran Compilation abort after changes
DPD200187482 Fortran Co-Array Fortran: improper error #8394 for non-allocatable data object
DPD200191862 C, C++ Compiler cannot resolve __builtin_fpclassify()
DPD200195216 C++, Fortran, C support for the gcc switch, -masm=intel, which isn't currently supported.
DPD200199709 C, C++ Using -Wcheck and -Werror-all still leaves diagnostic #592: variable "x" is used before its value is set as a warning
DPD200202846 Fortran CLICKMENUQQ fails to accept "pointer-sized" integer as the argument on x64
DPD200204268 Fortran preprocessor does not raise an error if include statement is missing the closing apostrophe
DPD200214878 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when integer_size is 64 and runtime check enabled for 32bit binary
DPD200215229 C Compiler links wrong libraries to shared object
DPD200215413 C TBB examples can't be compiled by icc on Ubuntu* 11.04
DPD200220880 Fortran reference to external procedure is wrongly called to intrinsic procedure
DPD200222881 C, C++ "backend signals" errors when building Advisor samples

Update 5 (Posted August 2011), Package IDs below


DPD200009367 C, C++ SIGTSTP not propogated to all theads in a process
DPD200034008 C++ Loop fails to vectorize
DPD200035033 C, C++ Feature Request: gcc* interoperability with -Wall
DPD200040857 C++, C Loop was not vectorized, but vectorization is possible and efficient
DPD200134977 C++, Fortran issue with libiomp5md.lib, reduction -:
DPD200140459 C++, C, Fortran predefine macros for /Qx options (including /QxHost)
DPD200148450 C Long long compilation
DPD200152803 C, C++, Fortran svml_dispmd.lib not replacing svml_disp.lib when /MD is specified (or /libs:dll /threads)
DPD200160690 Fortran ifort 11.1/12.0 access violation involving uplevel reference (we think)
DPD200161163 C, Fortran "path" environment variable easily overflowed
DPD200164328 Fortran Regression: Fortran routine with BIND(C) accepting C_PTR by value fetches arg from wrong location, corrupts stack
DPD200164627 Fortran PSET_INSTALL_DIR changed in 12.0
DPD200166122 Fortran ifort XE 2011 IPO -O3 link step runtime regression
DPD200166283 C++ Incompatible intrinsics declarations between emmintrin.h and winnt.h in MSVC cause icl compile error at /Gz
DPD200166360 C++ Compiler failed with internal error
DPD200166438 Fortran, C __kmp_acquire_lock() failed in version 11.0 and later verision
DPD200166654 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on Intel64® with -ipo -O3 -xSSE4.1
DPD200166695 Fortran Fortran Compiler generates wrong code when using /Ox /fpe:0 /arch:ia32
DPD200166967 C++ Incorrect code generated due to "HPO Vectorizer/loop invariant load motion" optimization
DPD200167082 C option -iquote not behaving as expected (compared to gcc)
DPD200167109 C icl 12.0 UTF-8 source code support on Windows, probably due to BOM
DPD200167301 C OpenMP* memory leak
DPD200167436 C++ Wrong optimization when calling virtual function implemented both in a plugin and in the calling module.
DPD200167915 C for loop crash with optimization O2 or O3
DPD200167994 C++ internal error 0_1671 in High Level Optimization at /O2
DPD200168023 Fortran Program crashes with 'Access Violation' when compiled with ifort 12.0
DPD200168248 Fortran OpenMP segfault with task private character pointer
DPD200168316 Fortran ifort v12.0 SIGSEGV with -ip Scalar Replacement
DPD200168694 Fortran IDB displays Fortran multi-dimensional arrays in counter-intuitive row-major (C) ordering
DPD200168920 C++ @loader_path/path/to/lib not recognized as -rpath value
DPD200169012 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for Coarray source using LOCK or UNLOCK
DPD200169045 C++ grainsize not respected when using #pragma cilk grainsize = gGrainSize
DPD200169307 C, C++ segmentation fault due to accessing wrong stack location
DPD200169366 Fortran Wrong result with optimization for loop that tests bits
DPD200170043 C++ wrong output with 12.0 or 12.1 compiler version with -O1 and higher (g++* works fine)
DPD200170091 C, C++ Mac OS* X: -finline-limit=16384 causes Internal Compiler Error
DPD200170099 Fortran First private declaration of variable without definition results in incorrect results
DPD200170148 C ICC fails to compile while gcc is successful: can't find system file error...
DPD200170503 C, C++ Program reports incorrect results due to High Level Optimization Early Predicates Optimization
DPD200170664 C++ ICC hangs during Code Generation optimization
DPD200170719 C, C++ _mm_malloc returns null pointer
DPD200170834 C++ internal error: 20000_0
DPD200171041 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: regression in 12.x and mainline with OpenMP source file
DPD200171212 C, C++ internal error on engineering compiler
DPD200171436 Fortran ifort 11.1 infinite compile time
DPD200171439 C, C++ .dyn files generated are corrupted on 32-bit Windows* only
DPD200171486 C++ rbx register not being restored after C++ exception throw
DPD200205370 Fortran forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
DPD200211981 C compiler generates wrong code on x64 architectures (Windows and Linux*) with /O2 enabled.
DPD200214864 C profmerge in Intel Composer XE 2011 update 4 crashed
DPD200215913 C++ Stack overflow (code c00000fd)
DPD200216129 Fortran runtime error when built with -avx and -opt-streaming-stores always

Update 4 (Posted May 2011), Package IDs below


DPD200028235 C, C++, Fortran icl compiler has problems with Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005 debug with duplicate file name
DPD200035065 C, C++ Intel compiler does not support Microsoft source server
DPD200039395 C++ Problem in the debug information generated by the compiler.
DPD200041767 Fortran Floating Point Exception at compile time
DPD200049722 C++ icc 11.0 bogus error #12334 and 12121 on std::auto_ptr
DPD200136883 C++, C Add intrinsic synonyms for missing math Gnu __builtins: isfinite, isinf, isnan, isnormal
DPD200136931 Fortran unable to display thread private common block variables in 11.x IDB
DPD200149175 Fortran ASSOCIATEd variables cannot be viewed in the Microsoft Visual Studio debugger
DPD200150567 C, C++ Option to spill argument registers
DPD200153525 C++, C miscompilation on -O3 in 11.1
DPD200155475 Fortran BIND(C) and VALUE not inherited from abstract interface
DPD200159377 Fortran, C, C++ Correct online help for /Fo
DPD200160534 C++ various problems after installing Intel C++ Composer XE over Intel Parallel Composer
DPD200161163 C, Fortran "path" environment variable easily overflowed
DPD200161380 C++ exp() very wrong
DPD200161381 C++ sin() very wrong
DPD200161383 C++ cos() very wrong
DPD200161384 C++ tan() very wrong
DPD200161439 C++ FLT_ROUNDS has the wrong value
DPD200163830 Fortran /usr/bin/xiar and /usr/bin/xiar-2011 under Fortran-only installation call mcpcom
DPD200163865 Fortran option -warn causes internal compiler error with interface statement
DPD200164044 C++ local variables are not visible when stepping inside a for-loop
DPD200164210 C, C++ internal error backend signals -- after OpenMP Parallelization at -O0
DPD200164480 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio Shell install does not include COMSUPPW.LIB
DPD200164533 Fortran Some ISO_C_BINDING routines don't protect themselves against inconsistent calling convention
DPD200164633 C++ icl can't handle the non-latin characters when doing the preprocessing
DPD200164645 Fortran Invalid compilation error #7096 involving interface assignment(=)
DPD200164649 Fortran Internal compiler abort involving character expression and ISO_VARYING_STRINGS
DPD200164662 Fortran Problem with VALUE keyword
DPD200164712 Fortran High Performance Optimization: the compiler should generate NT stores for STREAM copy performance
DPD200164794 C suffix or operands invalid for `popcnt'
DPD200164843 C, C++ Remove -f[no-]array-notations from -help
DPD200164879 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: allocateable character var with len=len_trim(string) argument
DPD200164891 Fortran Internal compiler error when debug:full enabled
DPD200164938 Fortran procedure pointer component inside a derived type was not assigned.
DPD200165009 C++ gcc* 4.5 error: GNU C++ allows C++0x list initializers in non-C++0x modes
DPD200165074 Fortran Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200165161 C++ Driver reference incorrect IPP library path when option -ipp=common is enabled
DPD200165174 Fortran pointer function as actual argument results in error message 6691
DPD200165253 Fortran Pointer assignment gets wrong address at -O3
DPD200165279 C /FR option causes IDE integration to print the cl compilation cmd - misleading customer to think cl is used
DPD200165690 C++, C Internal error: 0_909
DPD200165923 Fortran switch -openmp changes the memory address of the second element of an array within the OMP region
DPD200165926 C++, C, Fortran compilervars scripts put Intel MPI in path by default
DPD200165972 Fortran -assume std_mod_proc_name does not honor ATTRIBUTES DEFAULT
DPD200166042 C++ internal error:backend signals likely in object reader on using icl or xilink on object file
DPD200166113 Fortran Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011: Internal Compiler Error with ATTRIBUTES ARRAY_VISUALIZER
DPD200166183 C++ Allow brace enclosed initialization of wide string literal data types in Microsoft* mode
DPD200166227 Fortran /warn:interface disables /assume:noprotect_constants
DPD200166252 C incorrect Frond End behavior for proper type casting
DPD200166453 C, C++ GAP does not work properly for single file on Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010
DPD200166476 Fortran regression HPO Vectorizer in 12.0 versions, infinite loop
DPD200166552 C++ C++ Front End (using /Qopenmp -mPAROPT_openmp=F) got unresolved symbol at link time
DPD200166641 Fortran "IN OUT" rejected in INTENT statement
DPD200166820 C++ (0): internal error: backend signals, when using -g -mDEBUG_arange_pubname
DPD200166831 Fortran /warn:interface triggers parsing error when conditional compilation used
DPD200166886 C++ incorrect code generated with /O2 when std::set is used
DPD200166917 C++ internal error on array delete of class with virtual dtor in gpp mode
DPD200166927 Fortran F2003: Pointer bounds remap leads to wrong output
DPD200166965 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for PROCEDURE(fn) argument when fn is abstract interface with /warn:interface
DPD200166992 Fortran Host-associated variable shows undefined address in module internal routine
DPD200167131 Fortran NINT, ANINT give different results depending on compile options or source. These intrinsics changed definition between F95 and F2003.
DPD200167156 C++ icl 12.0 "unresolved external symbol __$U2 referenced in function" when /MD is present
DPD200167172 C++ Incorrect pointer value when downcasting
DPD200167229 C++ Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 accepts partial template specialization declared outside of namespace
DPD200167484 C++ Incorrect results after inlining
DPD200167571 Fortran [FNC] Intel® Visual Fortran: error #7977: The type of the function reference does not match the type of the function definition.
DPD200167827 C++ -Werror-all affects generated code
DPD200167858 C Application executes incorrectly
DPD200168013 Fortran Filename given with /Fd ignored
DPD200168078 C, C++ fastcall incompatibility with gcc
DPD200168155 C, C++ copy propagation causing a problem in 12.0 with inlined GNU assembler xchg
DPD200168162 C++ problem with visibility of parameter inside its parenthesized initializer
DPD200168415 C++ ANSYS 14.0: SIGSEGV at opt-levels -O1 and higher and -axAVX
DPD200168417 C Incorrect object file created with /Qip - Symbols missing/undefined
DPD200194608 C, C++, Fortran compilervars.* for any specific Intel Composer XE set up environment for the newest one linked into composerxe-2011/
DPD200202803 Fortran 2 times performance regression after Vectorization
DPD200204752 Fortran FPATH is used by ksh for searches of ksh function definitions causing ksh to slow down after Intel Fortran Compiler is installed.
DPD200211981 C Bug in "[HLO] ENODE restructure loops,move out preheaders,rel_expr renaming"

Update 3 (Posted March 2011), Package IDs below


l_ccompxe_2011.3.175, Japanese Edition
l_fcompxe_2011.3.175, Japanese Edition
w_ccompxe_2011.3.176, Japanese Edition
w_fcompxe_2011.3.176, Japanese Edition

DPD200008255 Fortran Request for 9 dimensional arrays
DPD200008538 Fortran ifort Feature Request: Source listing file with cross reference
DPD200024733 Fortran allocatable array prevents vectorization
DPD200039281 Fortran Static Verifier issue invalid error.
DPD200142161 C++ compiler unnecessarily recomputes pointer from index for every loop iteration (using shifts)
DPD200154792 Fortran Error 6562 given for NULL() in structure constructor initialization of ALLOCATABLE component
DPD200155780 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200157843 Fortran Error 7977 with generated interface for call to function returning derived type
DPD200157900 Fortran Allocatable character function result passed as argument passes data only
DPD200158540 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for procedure pointer assignment with /iface:cvf
DPD200158802 Fortran Inspector XE 2011 reports error #12023 when optional argument is known to be present
DPD200158944 C++ "error #2593: calls to non-vector function are not supported in vector function" in /Od only
DPD200159285 Fortran Correct Fortran app refused by error message and Internal Compiler Error: "possible out of order or missing USE"
DPD200159730 C++ Use of macro throws a seg fault
DPD200160498 C++ Exception thrown from within ICC-built code fails to be caught by GCC*-built code
DPD200160614 Fortran ifort 11.1/12.0 Internal Compiler Error calling DGEMV with SELECT TYPE construct
DPD200161040 Fortran Missing constraint error for passing INTENT(IN) to INTENT(INOUT) of type-bound procedure
DPD200161613 Fortran Install of Parallel Debugger Extension gives error about Microsoft Visual Studio 2005* still running
DPD200161671 C internal error: #0_1174: FSK: Non-popping form of 64-bit fist doesn't exist when using /RTCs and /O1 with /fp:precise and /fp:except
DPD200161823 Fortran Internal compiler error involving derived-type function call
DPD200161921 C, C++ __m128i initialization different for icc and gcc
DPD200162000 C, C++, Fortran No warning generated when use -c -ipo -x option with -vec-report
DPD200162054 C++ wrong result with Intel® Cilk™ Plus Array Notations code
DPD200162091 C++ Intel Cilk Plus Array Notations: Using sec_reduce_max causes program to crash
DPD200162100 Fortran Compiler crashes while compiling code with preprocessor directives
DPD200162185 C, C++ Cilk:Exceptions fail to propagate out of a cilk_for loop
DPD200162471 C, C++ Internal Compiler Error following "remark: loop was not vectorized: subscript too complex"
DPD200162693 C++ Infinite loop with /Od /MDd
DPD200162719 Fortran ifort 12.0 function result not finalized
DPD200162897 Fortran 'Only' clause interferes with generic operator
DPD200163068 C internal error with omp pragma with "&&" in expression
DPD200163104 Fortran ifort v12 runtime error "value not properly saved across a function call"
DPD200163199 Fortran ifort 11.1/12.0 SIGSEGV with module procedure pointer assignment
DPD200163203 C++ internal error in High Level Optimization framework
DPD200163331 C++ icl cannot handle inline asm instruction of the form "OFFSET"
DPD200163332 Fortran With /fpe:0, realvar**4 gets computed as realvar**8
DPD200163373 Fortran ifort v12 -O3 SIGSEGV
DPD200163493 Fortran omp_lib conficts with iso_c_binding
DPD200163501 Fortran IDB failed to list the content of character arrays.
DPD200163642 C++ Internal error 0_1204 caused by OMP #pragma's in release mode
DPD200163664 Fortran OMP atomic fails if operation is subtraction
DPD200163670 Fortran error #6404 incorrectly called for subroutine ref in contained procedure
DPD200163706 Fortran Incorrect error 8383 when overriding type-bound procedure
DPD200163749 Fortran error with associated( p ) for pointer to class object
DPD200163870 Fortran module name is prepended to "BLK" symbol names twice
DPD200163880 Fortran Internal Compiler Error at -O0 only for ASSOCIATE use of derived type with allocatable array component
DPD200163997 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for type extension of abstract parent type (function returns empty record)
DPD200164055 C++ "(error) 0" value show in debug window
DPD200164070 Fortran [12.0] Internal Compiler Error
DPD200164102 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for program declaring and using type with component of pointer to same type
DPD200164145 Fortran Spurious error 8234 for ALLOCATE(type::obj)
DPD200164172 C++ Internal error with Guided Auto-Parallel (GAP) in Japanese version
DPD200164209 C, C++ internal error with -O2 -openmp
DPD200164272 C++ Compilation at -O3 stalls at High Level Optimization framework optimization
DPD200164378 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for generic type-bound operator of extended type
DPD200164419 Fortran Incorrect error 6780 for pointer component of INTENT(IN) dummy passed to routine which has non-pointer INTENT(OUT)
DPD200164422 Fortran Pointer assignment to allocated polymorphic gets wrong location
DPD200164566 C icc v12 no speedup with -xHost on Westmere (regression)
DPD200164589 C, C++ GAP Messages arent shown in the Error List Window in Japanese environment
DPD200164602 C++ runtime crash on array notation after vectorization
DPD200164635 Fortran 12.0 generate wrong error message of severe (153): allocatable array or pointer is not allocated
DPD200164709 C,C++,Fortran Incorrect insertion of AVX code prior to the cpuid check under -QxAVX
DPD200164757 C++ wrong .d file generated by icpc with include file name containing $ char.......
DPD200164771 Fortran [12.0] Access violation
DPD200164788 Fortran Internal Compiler Error due to missing symbol in F2003 OO construct
DPD200164823 Fortran Linux Redistributable Package Missing Files and directories
DPD200164824 C++ [Qt] Microsoft* compat on: binding an rvalue reference to a bit field
DPD200164855 C++ Mac OS* X linker bug can't process #pragma const_seg(".text") in libm library
DPD200164885 C++ Seg Violation with v12 compiler....
DPD200164977 C++ We get Assertion Failed when running dsymutil in Xcode* 4 preview 5
DPD200165006 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with Associate and Deferred Length with Allocate and /check:all
DPD200165036 Fortran Intel Composer XE optimization causes access violation errors
DPD200165072 Fortran Internal compiler error: internal abort
DPD200165089 Fortran regression in USE ONLY, incorrect error for undefined local-name
DPD200165104 Fortran Regression in High Performance Optimizer vectorizer, incorrect value in scalar after vector loop, affects 12.0 and mainline
DPD200165140 Fortran OMP Runtime Library crashes when calling Low Level Affinity API kmp_unset_affinity_mask_proc()
DPD200165283 C, C++ -B option fails in presence of -dev-usr-root
DPD200165307 C, C++ -sysroot doesn't always work
DPD200165308 C, C++ internal error: 101004_18 with /Zi and unsigned constants in enums
DPD200165549 C, C++ Mac OS X: auto-dispatch causes "internal error: 0_909"
DPD200165672 C, C++ Excess compile time in Qt unit test
DPD200165841 C++ icc compiled binary failed to run
DPD200165929 C, C++ Mac OS X: we produce weak externals where gcc produces externals
DPD200165944 C++ Wrong code being generated by Intel compiler (sandy bridge)
DPD200165975 Fortran inlining of contained sub inside OMP loop loses address of host-associated array
DPD200166039 C, C++ Mac OS X: useless sti function and useless vzeroupper for simple __m128 static init
DPD200166127 C, C++, Fortran The extra garbled characters shown on SSA result
DPD200166133 C++ Bug for firstprivate variables in omp tasks
DPD200166196 Fortran [12.0] Regression on Bounds specification of pointer assignment
DPD200166207 Fortran internal compiler error when compile with -coarray
DPD200166319 C++ Internal Error with member function pointer
DPD200166346 C Mac OS X: multiple warnings from libsvml.a
DPD200166364 C++, C internal error 0_0 on Linux OS
DPD200166399 C++, C Wrong placement/generation of the EMMS instruction after call to _m_empty()
DPD200166453 C, C++ GAP does not work properly for single file on VS2010
DPD200166754 C++ copy-constructor routine is missing for a firstprivate object
DPD200166808 C++ icl/Microsoft compatibility in exception handling
DPD200195902 Fortran ERROR when specified type in CLASS type specifier is defined afterwards
DPD200198343 Fortran Internal compiler error accessing derived type component from a complex derived/extended type
DPD200198770 C -O3 causes incorrect result
DPD200198824 C Seg fault when running code compiled with -fPIC and -O2
DPD200199590 Fortran runtime error for AVX with -O3 in High Performance Optimizer Vectorizer

Update 2 (Posted January 2011), Package IDs below


DPD200008686 Fortran Case sensitivity of ifort options
DPD200009186 Fortran Feature Request for F2003 changes in list-directed output of zero as I0
DPD200032954 C, C++ Assembler error : Subtracting symbols from two diffrent sections.
DPD200041098 C, C++ Project files become unavailable if not converted to Intel® C++
DPD200049195 Fortran, C++, C symbols generated by compiler incompatible for library's entry and exit function call.
DPD200094558 Fortran GUI version of IDB will hang when a big multidimmentional Fortran array is evaluated
DPD200111149 C++ error #11037: Out of memory
DPD200112060 Fortran While debugging OpenMP* test case cannot watch several variables
DPD200120069 Fortran Compiler documentation needs to specify how to disconnect events from event handlers
DPD200135772 Fortran ifort generates incorrect C interface for functions returning a single char (iso_c_binding related)
DPD200136174 C++ Feature Request: #pragma require_vector
DPD200137687 Fortran Error #10106 for valid code, regression
DPD200138874 C, C++, Fortran unexpected file name in the generated binary file when OpenMP enabled
DPD200139687 C++, C 5x slowdown in performance when using -xSSSE3 and -xSSE4.2 with l_cproc_p_11.1.046
DPD200148891 Fortran ASE_AVX: HPC/LCD 11.1 parallelization won't execute svml code path
DPD200151602 C, C++, Fortran 32-bit only packages should install on 64-bit OS without warnings when applicable
DPD200152557 Fortran ISHFTC(I2,I1,I1) calls I2 version of routine with I1 arguments
DPD200155685 Fortran Incorrectly qualified external name for module parameter array used in specification expression
DPD200157192 Fortran fpp segmentation violation expanding macros in comments
DPD200157249 Fortran Problem with ieee_get_flag and ieee_overflow
DPD200157250 Fortran ieee_divide_by_zero problem
DPD200157282 Fortran ASSOCIATE inside ELEMENTAL subroutine causes inappropriate or missing error 7617
DPD200157588 Fortran Mismtachecd subroutine call is not caught by compiler even with /check and /warn-interfaces
DPD200157968 Fortran No source information in traceback after floating exception with SSE
DPD200158171 Fortran OPEN(FILE='',ACCESS='READ') incorrectly succeeds
DPD200158473 Fortran ATTRIBUTES C in routine ignored when /iface:cvf and a reference to routine made
DPD200159209 Fortran Incorrect result from loop distribution
DPD200159568 Fortran Excessive compile times for OpenMP loop with long PRIVATE list and srgument lists
DPD200159716 C icc should enable _Decimal32 in -std=gnu99 mode
DPD200159964 Fortran *MIC* Offload Need OpenMP API interface from Fortran
DPD200160156 C++ icc compile time very very slower than gcc 4.1
DPD200160735 Fortran Incorrect standards warning 8285 for ALLOCATABLE array in NAMELIST group with -stand f08
DPD200160924 C, C++ Mac OS* X: driver complains of multiple '-arch' settings when using -E
DPD200160994 Fortran catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error
DPD200160997 Fortran Compilation hang with IPO when linking static libstdc++ 4.4.4
DPD200161006 Fortran [12.0 beta] problem with procedure pointer components
DPD200161044 Fortran ifort XE 2011 doesn't honor precedence of generic module procedure over constructor
DPD200161053 C Two NaNs should not compare as equal
DPD200161162 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for reference to structure constructor same name as generic function with private components
DPD200161166 Fortran fpp not accepting long lines
DPD200161172 C++ failure to auto-vectorize
DPD200161418 C++ Pragma SIMD causes bogus Failure in debug build
DPD200161455 Fortran Internal compiler error with /assume:realloc_lhs and /assume:dummy_alias
DPD200161459 Fortran IDB cannot read core file OR reads file and gets into infinite loop dumping core
DPD200161465 C++ wrong virtual function called
DPD200161467 C++ Internal Compiler Error: assertion failed at: "shared/edgcpfe/ms_lower_name.c", line 2044
DPD200161716 C++ Array Notations: semantics of gather/scatter issue
DPD200161914 Fortran ifort 12.0/11.1 incorrect OpenMP ouput per Loop distribution for vectorization
DPD200162057 Fortran ifort 11.x/12.0 incorrect output per Linear Transformations
DPD200162176 C icc 12.0 runtime SIGSEV per Replace Subscripts with Vars
DPD200162291 C, C++ Brutus points to Interprocedural substitution: looks like struct lowering
DPD200162297 Fortran OpenMP compilation error on variable starting with "do".
DPD200162385 Fortran CAF spurious error message on allocatable coarray argument
DPD200162544 Fortran Internal compiler error involving GOTO in parallel section
DPD200162621 C++ KMP affinity warning on SGI Altix UV systems
DPD200162631 C, C++ Expand the list of what Intel compiler rpms provide
DPD200162748 Fortran internal compiler error (C0000005)
DPD200162828 C++ Cinema compilation dies by Internal Compiler Error in Code Generation phase
DPD200162914 Fortran [12.0] internal compiler error (C0000005) with //warn:interfaces
DPD200163004 Fortran [12.0] OMP THREADPRIVATE entity is not permitted
DPD200163038 C, C++ double click does not jump to the source code line for vec-report
DPD200163180 Fortran [OpenMP] deadlock in __kmp_x86_cpuid()
DPD200163245 C++ compile time problem
DPD200163247 C++ -g option result in Internal Compiler Error for 12.0 Intel Composer XE on Linux
DPD200163326 C++ Intel® CILK™ Plus: adding more operator operations (==, <, <=, >, >=, type case) for cilk reducers
DPD200163369 C loop optimized out
DPD200163370 C++ invalid SHT_GROUP in object file header
DPD200163452 C++, C Using pch on Linux causes internal error
DPD200163464 C, C++ Internal error
DPD200163491 C++ no diagnostic for too few template arguments in system header
DPD200163539 C++ internal compiler error
DPD200163583 Fortran "realloc-lhs" switch: re-allocation of allocatable array doesn't work for MATMUL while it works as expected for other function calls
DPD200163600 Fortran VFE usage in contained subprogram creates a global defined internal VFE function that causes multiple definition link errors
DPD200163702 C++ internal error: 0_1270
DPD200163781 C, C++ internal error: #101004_18: I64 CONST_Int_Value too big (shared/symtab/value.c, line 2231) with /Zi
DPD200163784 C, C++ Errors in processing CUDA Build rule files
DPD200163805 Fortran etime() only return integer part of the time consumed.
DPD200163839 C++ forward substitution cause array notation to break
DPD200163902 Fortran Compiling with -warn interfaces triggers internal compiler error
DPD200163903 Fortran Internal compiler error with -warn interfaces related to subroutine with STRUCTURE dummy arguments
DPD200163976 C, C++ catch returns incorrect pointer at -O2
DPD200163979 C++ #pragma simd can't vectorize loop
DPD200164002 C++ floating point exception error with vectorizer vector loop optimization
DPD200164063 Fortran tab size setting in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* doesn't work any more.
DPD200164179 C++ Internal error: backend signals
DPD200164183 C++ backend signal after variable replacement optimization
DPD200164221 C++ Microsoft* compatibility - rvalue references is causing copy ctor to not be called
DPD200164224 C++ libstd++ build error - disambiguation of "<" token in template argument list
DPD200164225 Fortran Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200164529 C++ (0): internal error: backend signals -- TOP RECORD VAR should be added to default shared var list
DPD200164716 C Incorrect code generated with -ipo and non-default ELF sections
DPD200164754 C++ error #10106: Fatal error: Seg Violation.
DPD200164755 C++ error #10106: Fatal error - seg violation
DPD200164756 C++ error #10106: Fatal error - seg violation
DPD200196855 C, C++, Fortran *MIC* OpenMP low level affinity API failed with SEGFAULT.
DPD200199711 C++ icl can not generate precompile header for Qt SDK
DPD200199718 Fortran /fpe0 causes crash for denormal on non-Intel processor

Update 1 (Posted December 2010), Package IDs below

l_ccompxe_2011.1.108, Japanese Edition
l_fcompxe_2011.1.108, Japanese Edition
w_ccompxe_2011.1.128, Japanese Edition
w_fcompxe_2011.1.128, Japanese Edition

DPD200004160 C, C++ compiler error with -openmp
DPD200004186 Fortran Dummy argument using SPREAD and REAL produces NaN
DPD200009186 Fortran Feature Request for F2003 changes in list-directed output of zero as I0
DPD200026623 Fortran Debugger quickwatch syntax error
DPD200034712 C, C++ Provide icrt objects that allow linking intel compiler generated objects without libgcc.a
DPD200034758 C, C++ using msbuild with Intel compiler integration
DPD200035676 C run failed on bug, pass with gcc4.0 on Mac OS* X.
DPD200041872 Fortran ifort 11.0 failed on -O0/O1
DPD200041932 Fortran EOSHIFT of string within character array generates bad results
DPD200041933 Fortran RESHAPE with derived types does not work
DPD200049468 C++ SSA says "catch" block is unreachable, but it is reachable
DPD200095281 C math_errhandling is undefined
DPD200112033 Fortran F2003, abstract type without components not accepted
DPD200120372 C, C++ Please document requirement of _LIBMMDS needing to be defined when using mathimf.h and libmmds.lib
DPD200137234 Fortran F2008: Error and gamma functions - ERF, ERFC, ERFC_SCALED, GAMMA, HYPOT, LOG_GAMMA
DPD200138283 C++ "#pragma code_seg" is ignored for functions in classes
DPD200139304 Fortran Generated interface error for more than one reference to declared function with implicit interface
DPD200141543 C++ request to make math functions like __fpclassifyf match GNU*'s exception specification
DPD200149114 C++ Wrong this pointer in virtual dtor calls when Intel and Microsoft Visual C* with Multiple Inheritance
DPD200150374 Fortran Incorrect line number associated with PARAMETER objects passed by value, when debugging
DPD200151602 C, C++, Fortran 32-bit only packages should install on 64-bit OS without warnings when applicable
DPD200152020 Fortran ifort 11.1 array out-of-range handling in Microsoft Visual Studio* debugger
DPD200155029 Fortran Unbalanced parenthesis incorrectly flagged in a write statement
DPD200156416 Fortran Invalid error #6580 issued for USE statements referencing the same module, one with ONLY attribute
DPD200156467 Fortran [12.0 beta] 101003_1112 catastrophic error for return value not defined
DPD200156468 Fortran [12.0 beta] ifort Internal Compiler Error SIGSEGV
DPD200156469 Fortran [12.0 beta] ifort Internal Compiler Error Assertion failed
DPD200156579 Fortran Coarray Fortran: Many of the coarray_testsF tests fail when optimization is turned off
DPD200156801 C++ internal error: backend signals at -O1
DPD200157024 Fortran Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200157243 Fortran lcube roots generated with -fp-model precise are inaccurate
DPD200157285 Fortran Error 7747 for keyword names in structure constructor in PARAMETER declaration
DPD200157380 Fortran Internal error due to USE statement
DPD200157393 Fortran Wrong result in initialization expression
DPD200157423 C DFP: long compile time
DPD200157553 Fortran Internal Compiler Error in Intel® Composer XE
DPD200157655 Fortran WRITE of object used as "pointee" in POINTER (INTEGER) statement prints wrong values when array section notation is used
DPD200157784 Fortran Memory leak when using heap-arrays and SUM intrinsic that calls contained function that returns an integer array
DPD200157869 C, Fortran Loop is not Vec'ed for C/C++, while the Fortran code can be vectorized with ifort
DPD200157905 Fortran With realloc_lhs, A = B(3:4) gives wrong bounds to A
DPD200157908 Fortran Access violation for call of procedure pointer component with array element
DPD200158026 Fortran Stream I/O is not compatible with pipes
DPD200158072 C icc -fexceptions on .c code must define __EXCEPTIONS
DPD200158131 Fortran Error 7203 for array constructor containing default initialized pointer component
DPD200158153 C++ [IPO] Substitution causes seg-fault.
DPD200158302 Fortran warn:interface issue incorrect error message on external procedure.
DPD200158331 C icl generated incorrect symbol
DPD200158385 C++ virtual destructor not being called on delete of an array of objects
DPD200158428 C, C++ Support for __cilkrts_synched
DPD200158461 Fortran Co-Array: coarray not accepted inside SELECT TYPE
DPD200158474 C++ internal error: backend signals in line with pure virtual base class dynamic_cast of reference
DPD200158513 C++ wrong result after inlining set to "-inline-level=2"
DPD200158548 Fortran variable name gets confused with TYPE keyword
DPD200158592 C++ -fvisibility-inlines-hidden not hiding inline functions on Mac OS* X
DPD200158604 Fortran Non-advancing READ when already at EOF stores corrupted SIZE= value
DPD200158655 Fortran Incorrect error #80000 instead of warning if to compile with option -warn interfaces
DPD200158657 Fortran Error regarding recursion
DPD200158715 C Memory Leak found in kmpc_set_blocktime()
DPD200158864 Fortran option -openmp causes segmentation fault
DPD200158937 Fortran [SSA]: Spurious error #12040 from Inspector XE 2011
DPD200158944 C++ "error #2593: calls to non-vector function are not supported in vector function" in /Od only
DPD200159209 Fortran Incorrect result from loop distribution
DPD200159234 C++, C Include directories should change if set to use Microsoft* compiler
DPD200159273 Fortran Better error message for type-bound procedure missing parenthesis
DPD200159285 Fortran Correct Fortran app refused by error message and Internal Compiler Error: "possible out of order or missing USE"
DPD200159387 C++ Remove from Intel® Parallel Composer product
DPD200159392 C++ cl/icl compatibility regarding friend declaration in template class instantiation in a different namespace
DPD200159568 Fortran Excessive compile times for OpenMP loop with long PRIVATE list and arguement lists
DPD200159780 C icc header values seems wrong
DPD200159814 Fortran Deallocate of pointer gives error 173
DPD200159815 C++ Internal error: assertion failed
DPD200159885 C++ icl/cl compatibility regarding operand types in conditional expression conversions like in BOOST_FOREACH
DPD200160225 C++, C /FC does not expand __FILE__ macro to full path
DPD200160228 Fortran Coarray Fortran: legal corank mismatch rejected
DPD200160389 C++, Fortran redist pkg for Intel Composer XE is not in the posting format
DPD200160561 Fortran dec$attributes causes error on enumeration.
DPD200160607 Fortran Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 Coarray Fortran: not diagnosing corank mismatch
DPD200160797 Fortran Invalid iostat at end of file when reading stream file on Mac OS* X
DPD200160884 C++ Internal Compiler Error with aggregate initializer
DPD200160916 Fortran ifort 12.0/11.1 regression with -warn:all -check:all combination
DPD200160919 C++ Build with /arch:AVX fails on non-Intel system in libsvml
DPD200160983 C++ icc 12.0: internal_error: 0_1659
DPD200161035 C++ icc: (0): internal error: backend signals
DPD200161055 C++ Internal Compiler Error in release, builds but gives bogus runtime checks in debug
DPD200161142 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with CLASS(xxxx), POINTER as function return type
DPD200161166 Fortran fpp not accepting long lines
DPD200161231 C++ FE_INVALID not conform to C99 standard
DPD200161320 C++, C "(0): internal error: backend signals" with Intel® Cilk™ Array Notation code
DPD200161356 C++ Problem in Points-to analysis in disambiguation causing code correctness issues with lambda functions and -xAVX
DPD200161367 C++, C Driver not processing -arch option and -P option correctly on Mac OS* X
DPD200161382 C++ hypot() very wrong
DPD200161416 C++, C vectorizer does not vectorize loops with vector functions using float& arguments
DPD200161436 C++, C Both math and float header files have FLT_EVAL_METHOD
DPD200161438 C++, C Headers violate user's namespace
DPD200161453 Fortran Incorrect -check pointer error for unallocated ALLOCATABLE character as dummy argument
DPD200161456 Fortran Internal compiler error for USE of module declaring type-bound procedure
DPD200161492 C++, C internal compiler error when /tmp is not writable
DPD200161495 C++ internal error: assertion failed
DPD200161581 Fortran Fortran library calls sometimes return bad values on the latest Intel Processors (and Linux OS's) due to a memcpy change
DPD200161615 Fortran Allocated extended type array does not get extended type
DPD200161657 C feenableexcept() fails to detect SSE2 FP exceptions on non-Intel processors
DPD200161674 C, C++ __m128i cast results in error for icc, accepted without complaint by gcc
DPD200161714 Fortran OPEN (FILE=expression) leaves temp on stack
DPD200161827 C, C++ regression with disambiguation of declspec inside class
DPD200161902 C OpenMP* thread private cause seg fault with -g option
DPD200162051 C++ (0): internal error: #0_30847
DPD200162054 C++ wrong result with Intel® Cilk™ Array Notation code
DPD200162133 C ICC: error #10106: Fatal error - seg violation....
DPD200162183 C++ Intel 11.1 compiler 64bit binary generated object file fails to link on Mac OS* X
DPD200162439 C++, C #pragma simd assert fails to assert when loop not vectorized
DPD200162631 C, C++ Expand the list of what Intel compiler rpms provide
DPD200162926 C++ Intel® Parallel Studio 2011 - Using -FAcs or -Qsox result in Intel "beta" build logo in customer binary.
DPD200187212 Fortran Coarray Fortran: actual argument corresponding to a dummy pointer shall not be a coindexed object
DPD200194346 C++ COFF strings table limit for long section names being hit in a full IPO build
DPD200194565 Fortran ifort does not pass predefined macros to fpp
DPD200194726 C++ Calling a C++ function defined with __attribute__((fastcall)) with implicit first parameter causes a crash

Initial Release (Posted November 2010), Package IDs below



DPD200003718 C++ Microsoft* compatibility -- typeid of an incomplete type
DPD200004050 C, C++, Fortran Feature Request : ability to control which values are value profiled
DPD200004073 C, C++ Compiler appears to use speculative load unnecessarily
DPD200004150 C++ Compatibility: cl treats "MyClass* const" same as "MyClass*", while icl doesn't
DPD200004170 C, C++ Microsoft* compatibility on allowing useless declaration of empty parens
DPD200004226 C, C++ Intel compiler 10.1 fails to compile files with Unicode filename
DPD200004249 C++ icl tries to instantiate an abstract class
DPD200005245 C++ Microsoft* incompatibility on allowing void parameter list through template instantiation
DPD200005306 C, C++, Fortran Need intel compiler to provide consistent floating point precision results on any platform
DPD200008232 C++ No compile error for adjusted covariant return
DPD200008579 C, C++, Fortran User mask register not accessible the standard way (__get/__setReg)
DPD200008767 C, C++ Inlining for byteswapping functions
DPD200009881 C __m128 parameter passing/return value conventions
DPD200012791 C, C++ 9.0 icl crashes on my WinXP with code
DPD200013991 C++ error: a template argument may not reference a local type
DPD200014350 C++ Name mangling error for __m64 and __m128
DPD200015723 C, C++ * operator not accepted in inline asm jmp, but Microsoft* accepts it
DPD200016130 C, C++ jrcxz not recognized in inline asm
DPD200029389 C, C++, Fortran Feature Request: ifortvars.bat should also enable icl
DPD200032341 C, C++, Fortran compile time increased
DPD200033545 C, C++ -sv-include option that only analyzes header files included with quotes
DPD200034135 C, C++ Need to use icl for Intel 64 build without Microsoft* compiler environment
DPD200034261 C ICL generates slower code
DPD200035095 C, C++ unable to vectorize with 10.x, 9.1 able to vectorize
DPD200037784 C, C++, Fortran Loop with mixed data types could be vectorized
DPD200038164 C++ Constructor not called when allocating an array of objects and () new initialize
DPD200038253 C, C++ Output predefined __SSE__ macros for /QxSSE* on Windows*
DPD200038628 C++ internal error in Microsoft* name mangling on unnamed local class with virtuals
DPD200039302 C++ Duplication of function-local static variable instances due to inlining.
DPD200039519 C, C++ Add support for C99 Hexadecimal Floating Point Const in C++ on Windows*
DPD200039641 C, C++ Support for __annotation intrinsic
DPD200039735 C++ compiler fails to specialize function template
DPD200039780 C++ Don't need debug info on be_types, fix attached
DPD200040035 C, C++ preprocessor unable to process macro definition
DPD200040072 C++ icl reports error when processing structure member in an asm block
DPD200040394 C++ Split blocks at GP reload to improve debug order, fix attached
DPD200041129 C++ Compilation aborted for simple file . No erro message displayed.
DPD200041208 C++ Fix attached: Compiler exits with completion code 1 after reporting a PGO warning
DPD200041293 C++ Callback functions needs to be used by NSK compilers when reporting an error
DPD200041465 C++ HLO doesn't support NSK pointer model
DPD200041475 C, C++ internal error with ipo
DPD200043321 C, C++ FR: confusing dialog "select the VC that cmd window to be compatible with"
DPD200045561 C, C++, Fortran Installation issues Beta 11.0
DPD200047410 C++ allow mismatched declaration and definition with __ restrict qualifier
DPD200047476 C, C++ Add Microsoft*-compatible union member access to SIMD data types
DPD200047515 C++ icl 10.1 on windows unable to resolve conversion operator
DPD200047525 C, C++ loop is not vectorized when left var is defined as "int"
DPD200047588 C, C++ Runtime crash when optimizing
DPD200047605 C++ Core dump when using OpenMP* tasking and thread private variable
DPD200047685 C++ application crashes at runtime due to Vectorizer optimization
DPD200047688 C++ Fixed attached: routines need to be place in its own named text section
DPD200047936 C, Fortran xilink doesn't vectorize .obj compiled with /QaxT, but do with /QxT
DPD200048033 C, C++, Fortran xilink incorrectly translates Unicode characters in path
DPD200048074 C, C++ AES instructions in inline asm cause internal error or unknown opcode
DPD200048078 C, C++ unknown opcode error for inline asm AES instruction
DPD200048080 C++ Corel Application runs out of memory when built with icl
DPD200048173 C, C++, Fortran Stability bug on multi-dimensional subscripted subscript
DPD200048213 C++ MS / ICL compatibility with name mangling for function with __restrict
DPD200048262 C, C++, Fortran There should be only one script to avoid confusion
DPD200048264 C, C++, Fortran inconsistent use of intel64/em64t in path names
DPD200048395 C++ value of type "ShadowVertex_t *restrict *" cannot be assigned to an entity of type "ShadowVertex_t **"
DPD200048464 C, C++, Fortran 11.0 driver should reject the /QaxHost option
DPD200048505 C++ internal error backend signals on dllexport func
DPD200048652 C, C++, Fortran Generation of SVML calls should be suppressed in fenv_access mode
DPD200048932 C, C++, Fortran xilink Internal compiler error related to malformed /LIBPATH argument
DPD200049037 C, C++ Not able to create .sbr file for more than one source file ( /FR option)
DPD200049131 C, C++ internal error: 0_1504 while building boost libraries with -O2 Min_Max
DPD200049172 C++ Inline assemby incorrectly translates "offset label"
DPD200049253 C, C++ unnecessary ctor code not eliminated when iostream is included
DPD200049336 C, C++ ICL 11.1 gives an error when source file name is in Chinese/Japanese
DPD200049384 C++ Microsoft*/icl compatibility issue regarding scope of member function declaration
DPD200049417 C++ header filename with a trailng white space for non-system header
DPD200049420 C++ link error because of __declspec(thread)
DPD200049519 C++ /Zc:forScope- option is ignored when using /Qvc9
DPD200049607 C++, C Try to avoid false dependence on the destination register in Nehalem
DPD200049687 C, C++ Debug generation error: Cannot output debug info in STI (Microsoft* debug info format), because during the compilation a symbol or type record exceeded the supported maximum STI length
DPD200049732 C, C++ OpenMP* sections are not parallelized in 11.0 but are in 10.1
DPD200049740 C++, C The /Qeffc++ ineffective on Windows compiler
DPD200050140 C, C++ Request for __SSE4xx__ macro defines when relevant -x options are used
DPD200050244 C++, C Feature Request: support /hotpatch (Create Hotpatchable Image) on IA-32
DPD200050521 C++ __restrict qualifier on mem function parameter affect name-mangling/causes link error
DPD200050576 C++, C IPO inliner removes non-dead code in Intel MPI Benchmarks
DPD200050669 C Compiler generates inaccurate SIMD code when converting from UINT32 to float
DPD200050685 C++ compiler fails with " internal error: backend signals" on /Qopenmp
DPD200050898 C++ Missing up scope name mangling for local function name and local variable in side that up scope which are differ from Microsoft.
DPD200050927 C++ internal error: assertion failed
DPD200051057 C++ regression with -Qopt-ra-region-strategy:trace
DPD200051072 C++ internal error: write_position_and_severity: bad severity
DPD200051074 C++, C, Fortran memset performance much slower with global variable declaration versus local
DPD200051128 C++ Microsoft* compatibility on allowing integral conversions on types of nontype template arguments
DPD200051159 C++ HPO Threadize cause incorrect runtime result
DPD200088154 C, C++, Fortran Compiler should not change mxcsr in the beginning of parallel region
DPD200090416 C, C++ Linker doesn't read properly paths in double quotes
DPD200109759 C++ icl truncates long long values in non-type templates
DPD200109991 C++ explicit instantiation need to inherit dllimport/export attribute from their declaration
DPD200110489 Fortran, C, C++ Legacy OpenMP* library should not be linked with /Qparallel
DPD200110618 C++ High Level Optimization parsing error
DPD200110713 C++ allow non standard function specialization syntax for Microsoft* compatibility
DPD200110776 C++ Getting " internal error: backend signals " for attached testcase.
DPD200111477 Fortran, C, C++ Loop vectorization causes incorrect results
DPD200111673 C++ multiple definition of local static variable with initialization has dllimport variable
DPD200111685 C++ allow restrict qualifier on constructors and destructors
DPD200111692 C++ ICL report error code: 0xc0000005
DPD200111693 C++ xilinx fails on this case when applying compiler option /bigobj
DPD200111728 C++ Code Generator assert for inline asm with array.
DPD200111770 C++, C fatal error LNK1318: Unexpected PDB error; RPC (23) '(0x000006BA)
DPD200111924 C, C++ Loop cannot be vectorized....
DPD200111998 C, C++ 3DNow intrinsic _m_femms not supported
DPD200112047 C++ icl 11.0 __restrict keyword stops post increment code from being generated
DPD200112048 C++ Microsoft Visual C++* compatibility - allow conversion of const string literal to void*
DPD200112050 C++ Microsoft/icl compatibility: no instance of overloaded function matches argument list
DPD200112051 C++, C internal error when using /Qdiag-enable:sc1
DPD200112067 C++ Stack overflow in mcpcom: 'infinite" call of disambiguator routine disam_Collect_Sample_Base_and_Offset_Recursive()
DPD200112079 C, C++, Fortran SSE2 support needed for the following on Intel® 64
DPD200112088 C++ Microsoft Visual C++*/ICL compatibility - explicit template argument list is not allowed in delcaration
DPD200112160 C++ Auto Processor dispatch and instrinsics
DPD200112283 C++ Extreme compile time regression 10.1->11.0 in template instantiation ( static method instantiation)
DPD200117877 C, C++ project dependency removed after converting to Intel C
DPD200117985 C++, C vectorization failure due to boundary loop multiversioning
DPD200118328 C++ explicit overriding of the virtual methods causes wrong results
DPD200118382 C++ Multi-file compilation: #pragma pointers_to_members sticks for all files
DPD200118599 C++ runtime failure
DPD200118605 C++, C, Fortran adding /qvec-report & /qvar-report support to xilink
DPD200118633 C, C++ LNK2005 error on libm functions like ceil at -Od
DPD200118940 C, C++ Project conversion failures can be handled more gracefully
DPD200119101 C++ Problem with data structure layout when using intel compiler
DPD200119169 C++ Internal error on unique function template specialization reference with nontype template arguments
DPD200119253 C, C++ /MP does not work anymore within IDE
DPD200119382 C, C++ loop was not vectorized: reduction property lost
DPD200119404 C internal error: 0_1949
DPD200119571 C, C++ Target Platform box contains Itanium entry even when no Itanium compilers are installed
DPD200119684 C++ Feature request to support rvalue references
DPD200119841 C++ /RTC1 does not mapped to /RTCsu
DPD200120210 C, C++ Cryptography check box should be controlled by whether or not "Cryptography lib" is installed
DPD200120369 C, C++ _isnan (and other intrinsics) should be treated as normal functions at /Od
DPD200120447 C++ Compiler Pro Edition 11.0 / 11.1 - xmmintrin.h does not seem to be in the correct location
DPD200120563 C++, C The dependent fortran project is not added to link
DPD200120678 C, C++ [IDE] Should not enable "Select Build Components" icon when project is not selected.
DPD200120703 C++ icc 11.x incorrect links multiply defined function if using IPO
DPD200120776 C, C++, Fortran Combo of /P /MP generates infinite [ 0: wait failed, error=-1, process_status=6] messages
DPD200120819 C++ Microsoft* compatibiliy on not considering member function qualifiers in template argument deduction
DPD200120867 C++, C unable to change warnings from driver to error
DPD200120952 C++ OpenMP* task crashes with new class statement in Debug mode
DPD200121316 C++, C Setting Optimization level /O2 or /O3 causes access violoation errors at runtime
DPD200121385 C OMP_DYNAMIC variable does NOT work for both Debug and Release versions
DPD200135511 C++ /Zi with /Yu generates undefined symbols from Boost header variables
DPD200135844 C Bad link to support in FLEXlm code
DPD200135887 C, C++, Fortran IDE integration can not launch c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe on a dual-boot system
DPD200136041 C++ Mircosoft Visual C++ 2008* and later allow virtual override when parameters differ in const/volatile qualilfication
DPD200136062 C++ build crash in IDE due to too many warnings and remarks
DPD200136981 C, C++ compile time issue
DPD200138570 C++, Fortran, C Can't generate prefetches with -xavx -opt-prefetch
DPD200138609 C++ Compiler fails to select correct template function
DPD200138611 C++, C /QxG regression
DPD200138730 C, C++ wrong default info in doc about Qvec-guard-write
DPD200138888 C, C++ loop is not vectorized when in a separated file
DPD200139158 C++, C changing "Browse file" field in project's property dlg to non-default causes bad "bscmake" cmd parameters
DPD200140177 C++ Bug: lambda capture-by-value with copy constructor fails
DPD200140347 C++ problem with aggregate initialization of simd type
DPD200140650 C++ Japanese help message corrections
DPD200140765 C incorrectly removing assignments to static local variable
DPD200141039 C++ Feature request to provide summary for GAP log
DPD200141515 C++ use of template parameter in nested type leads to incomplete type diagnostic
DPD200141637 C++ unresolved external symbol on __declspec(dllimport) symbol where a local extern symbols is also created
DPD200141701 C, C++ exported global var causes link error
DPD200141987 C the compiler option /Od or /O1 does not work correctly for _mm_sincos_ps().
DPD200142182 C++ Microsoft* compatibility on allowing outer-scope local variables in lambda body
DPD200142362 C++ Missing stdint.h files from Intel C++ compiler
DPD200142495 C, C++, Fortran Disable value profiling by default with /Qcov-gen
DPD200148285 C, C++ Doc of /O about options applicable to /O2 are incorrect
DPD200148286 C, C++ Default path settings for Windows* C++ compiler installation
DPD200149114 C++ Wrong this pointer in virtual dtor calls when Intel and Mirosoft Visual C++* with Multiple Inheritance
DPD200149534 C++ exception code runfails when built with OpenMP*
DPD200149709 C, C++, Fortran Feature request: Support -Bsymbolic-functions on LRB and Linux*
DPD200150074 C, C++ messed up debug info
DPD200150246 C Intel compiler support to provide absolute addressing mode for globals & statics
DPD200150561 C /RTC1 causes erroneous warning #964
DPD200150671 C++, C confusing error for "#pragma comment(linker, "\"/NOLOGO /PDB:dummy.pdb\"")"
DPD200150838 C++, Fortran GAP - should provide a summary indicator on the number of GAP remarks generated
DPD200150851 C++ error: class "X" has no suitable copy constructor when using lambda [=] with Windows* cross compiler
DPD200150983 C++ GAP par remark #30525 does not work
DPD200151308 C cannot view local variables after an Omp for loop section
DPD200151820 C++ Problem with Intel Composer conversion from Microsoft Visual C++* to Intel and Intel to Microsoft Visual C++ projects
DPD200151881 C++, C can not build NQ-sample with Mirocsoft Visual Studio 2010* RC
DPD200152026 C++ atlcomcli.h(549): error: class tagVARIANT has no member vt
DPD200152035 C, C++, Fortran GAP invocation from the IDE with IPO does not currently work for a single file or selection in a file
DPD200152036 C, C++ Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) selection no longer works on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* project converted from Microsoft Visual Studio 2005* with TBB enabled
DPD200152362 C++ Microsoft* compatibility on COMDAT of static data member specialization
DPD200152574 C++ disambiguation problem in Microsoft* mode
DPD200152706 C++ Driver need to support /Qguide with /Ox
DPD200153281 C, C++ Access violation in Windbg with /hotpatch option
DPD200153677 C++ class mulitple inheritance problem involving cast of pointer to member function
DPD200153804 C++, C C++ Front End generate reducer_opadd for cilk_for loop, the call disables vectorization
DPD200153867 C++, C "Intel Parallel Composer 2011" context menu does not show when .sln contains projects icl does not support
DPD200153884 C++ Gnu* compatibility on not instantiation return type when template function arguments don't match
DPD200153951 C, C++ confirmation dialog text for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* project needs to be updated (no mention of icon any more)
DPD200154204 C, C++ Online -help doesn't contain description for /Qcilk-serialize (or -cilk-serialize on Linux)
DPD200154207 C++ IDE rebuild all even though only one file is updated
DPD200154399 C, C++ old cilk run-time dll used in Intel Composer XE 2011 beta update 1 PC
DPD200154735 C++ /Od /Ob2 causes internal compiler error
DPD200154778 C++ xilink.exe crash in IDE when using Microsoft* compiler with Intel projects to build library with /GL enabled
DPD200155027 C wrong code generated inside the __finally handler
DPD200155061 C++, C, Fortran /MP[n] support in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* from project property dialog
DPD200155128 C, C++ Feature Request: a simpler way to build only several files within a project with Intel C in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010*
DPD200155287 C, C++ Exception (E_INVALIDARD) when using "auto" or not set of "Parallel Debug Environment"
DPD200156101 C++ GAP DTRANS advice incorrectly refers to field "__b_BaseClass" in derived classes
DPD200156247 C, C++ Options missing from Intel C/C++ Output Files properties page
DPD200156426 C internal error: 0_1965
DPD200157546 C++ C++0x atomic headers not included in BOM and not in package
DPD200158694 C++, C ICL always compiles all files
DPD200158805 C++ Add or Remove Buttons check box has incorrect name for Getting Started Tutorial
DPD200158852 C++ internal error 0_13129
DPD200158941 C, C++ Compiler reports: (0): internal error: backend signals
DPD200159006 C++, C confusing msg for /QxSSE4 "icl: command line error: multiple settings not allowed for '/QQx'"
DPD200159012 C, C++ Description of /Qcilk-serialize references wrong header (typo)
DPD200159219 C++ Backend signals error in High Level Optimization loop distribution at /O2
DPD200159295 C, C++ /Zc:forScope- setting not propagating from IDE to build line
DPD200159334 C++ Gnu* & Microsoft* compatibility: don't issue error on bad overridden return type in prototype instantiation context
DPD200160178 C doc is wrong about /debug:inline-debug-info for Windows