Announcing Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers Version 2017 R2

Announcing Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) 2017 R2
June 29, 2017


Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) are powerful, agile developer tools for analyzing and optimizing games, media, and other graphics-intensive applications. The tools support applications intended for the Windows* and Ubuntu* platforms or Intel® Atom™ processor based devices and a very limited set of ARM* based devices running the Android*. 

Available now, Intel® GPA 2017 R2 offers these new key features:

What's New

Intel® GPA 2017 R2 offers the following new features:

New Features for Analyzing All Graphics APIs

Trace Analyzer [Beta]: 

  • Runtime overhead was improved for Windows* applications
  • Google Chrome's trace-viewer* has been integrated to the Trace Analyzer UI

New Features for Analyzing Microsoft DirectX* Applications

System Analyzer HUD:

  • If a mismatched version of DirectX* is chosen for analysis, a new System Analyzer HUD message will appear; this message notifies the user of the currently selected API version. 

Graphics Frame Analyzer for DirectX* 12 Frames:

  • Scrub Mode implemented
  • Pixel History implemented
  • API call selection performance improved
  • HLSL shader source import added
  • Replacing DirectX* 12 byte code with HLSL source implemented
  • DXBC and gen-ISA code are available for modified shaders and imported HLSL source code
  • DXBC shows references to HLSL code
  • pix3.h markers supported
  • Console playback interface implemented

New Features for Analyzing OpenGL* Applications

Graphics Monitor:

  • Graphics Monitor has been implemented for macOS* and Ubuntu* platforms. It has the same functionality as the Windows* version excluding support for Tracing and Triggers.

Graphics Frame Analyzer:

  • GPU Duration metric available for macOS* and Ubuntu* targets
  • Scrub Mode implemented
  • Highlighting for glBegin/glEnd blocks implemented
  • Console playback interface implemented

System Analyzer HUD:

  • System Analyzer HUD for OpenGL* applications implemented

Documentation Updates

  • Documented all newly added product features.

The product also adds other minor enhancements and stability improvements. You can download and install this latest version of the product from the Intel® GPA Web Site.

Next Steps

For detailed information and assistance in using the product, refer to the following online resources:

  • Release Notes - explore recent updates, detailed product requirements, installation information, legal information, and version-specific technical issues and workarounds for the tools.
  • Home Page - view detailed information about the tool, including links to training and support resources, as well as videos on the product to help you get started quickly.
  • Getting Started - get the main features overview and learn how to start using the tools on different host systems.
  • Training and Documentation - learn at your level with Getting Started guides, videos and tutorials.
  • Online Help for Windows* Host - get details on how to analyze Windows* and Android* applications from a Windows* system.
  • Online Help for macOS* Host - get details on how to analyze Android* applications from an macOS* system.
  • Online Help for Ubuntu* Host - get details on how to analyze Android* or Ubuntu* applications from an Ubuntu* system.
  • Support Forum - report issues and get help with using Intel® GPA.

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