Intel® IPP 7.0 Library Bug Fixes

Intel® IPP Library 7.0 Bug Fixes List

The tables below summarize specific customer issues or feature requests that have been addressed by the indicated product releases. Some items span multiple architectures and/or operating systems and some relate only to a single architecture or operating system.

NOTE: The issues, defects, bug reports, and feature requests summarized below represent specific issues with specific test cases. An item listed here does not imply that it necessarily applies to your application(s). If your situation does not match the specific test case associated with an item in this list you may not have experienced the problem associated with that update. It is not possible to describe the details of every issue and its specific test case within these tables.

Providing a complete description of each item in the tables below is impractical. For that reason we ask that you post a request for more information on the IPP user forum and reference this page and the "DPD" number of interest, when you have questions regarding specific items in these tables. Where additional information is available the DPD number will contain a link to the detailed explanation in the IPP forum or knowledgebase.

These tables are updated regularly to correct any errors and omissions.

IPP v7.0 update 7

DPD200274963 Code fixes for picnic sample application
DPD200274553 ippsDemo threshold function value argument fixed
DPD200273926 uic_transcoder_con -s not allowed for grey scale images
DPD200272221 ippiAddRandUniform_Direct_16u_C1IR fixed for odd width
DPD200272108 IPP_GZIP causes a segmentation fault when compressing file sizes> 4 GB for SSE4.1/4.2 implementation
DPD200271834 Copy constructor and operator= added to image_codecs CIppImage
DPD200271832 CIppImage ToGray NChannels logic fixed
DPD200271144 H264 initTables allocation/release data race condition fixed
DPD200269035 umc_color_space_conversion plane inversion fixed
DPD200268512 Rounding error in ippiRGBToHSV_8u_C3R
DPD200266607 Correct arithmetic option passed for JPEG2000
DPD200260706 ippiMinMaxIndx_32f_C1MR result difference between implementation layers fixed
DPD200259927 New OpenGL renderer added to simple_player
DPD200170633 Memory leak in UMC's DV100VideoDecoder fixed

IPP v7.0 update 6

DPD200167630 ippiDCTFwd_32f_C1R speedup
DPD200261436 UMC h264 baseline profile CAVLC overflow chroma error, level_prefix correction
DPD200215155 UMC H.264 codec hangs when closing
DPD200223103 UMC H264 doesn't check video consistency on IDR frame
DPD200226794 UMC H264 encoder crashed when transform_8x8_mode=1 and quality=3
DPD200228069 UMC Wrong pointer checking after ippMalloc in video resizing
DPD200230243 UMC H.264 Decoder H264SegmentDecoder InitDeblockingOnceEv Crash
DPD200227775 ippiResizeYUV422_8u_C2R bug
DPD200259352 ippsRSASign_XXX_PKCSv15 problem handling very long messages (msgLen>0x7FFFFFFF bytes)
DPD200259352 ippsRSAOAEPEncrypt_XXX adding parameters check on pLabel==0 && labelLen!=0
DPD200231146 Bug, ippiFilter_64f_C1R read input buffer out of bounds
DPD200258919 ippiFilterColumn32f_8u_C1R produces wrong output on 64 bit system
DPD200259470 Bug in IppiConvValid_32f_C1R for x64 bit code
DPD200169857 Issue in rendering using IpprIntersectAnySO_32f on Sandy Bridge
DPD200231794 ippsFind_8u returns wrong result
DPD200228052 Issue using method ippiDecodeExpGolombOne_H264_1u16s on different CPUs
DPD200172164 ippiWarpAffine results correct (fixed rounding bug introduced 7.0.1)

IPP v7.0 update 5

DPD200221827 code error in ImageSamplingGeometry::Period() function in UIC sample code
DPD200221825 ImageSamplingGeometry::Period() function creating division by zero error in UIC sample
DPD200171222 usc7291.c SetFrameSize() function return inconsistence value
DPD200170630 evel_prefix of VLC table error for baseline encoding in UMC H.264 encoding
DPD200217437 UMC H.264 decoder: H264Bitstream::InitTables error when using decoder with multiple theadings
DPD200216804 unresolved external___libm_sse2_cos when using ipps_l.lib in the kernel mode
DPD200214644 UMC sample application umc_video_enc_con crash with incorrect memory  free built by GCC
DPD200214139 Picnic application crash with some PNG images
DPD200213480 UMC sample code: using uninitialized variable stss.total_entries in UMC::MP4Muxer
DPD200169033 LZO ippsDecodeLZOSafe_8u function creating incorrect result at 32 bit system
DPD200213026 ConvertToGrayscale rounding inconsistently
DPD200212824 UMC sample code: code error in MeBase::EstimateMbInterFast() function
DPD200168715 UIC JPEG decoder error when setting DCTType and DCT scale is not full 8x8.  
DPD200207720 Segmentation fault error in ippsFIRMRInitAlloc_32fc function
DPD200165384 mp4 muxer code fix with many IDR frames
DPD200189426 H264VideoEnder failing to create specified bitrate if defined SLIC_CHECK_LIMIT macro

IPP v7.0 update 4 (29 Apr 2011)

DPD200168173 UMC::Mpeg2FrameConstructor fails to properly identify some MPEG2 sequences.
DPD200168642 Crash with RST threading and negative compression.
DPD200211014 Impossible to build audio-video-codec examples statically - makefile in error.
DPD200168044 Crash with IPP cripto ippsRijndael128GCM* when using ippAESGCMtable2K.
DPD200167928 Bug in facedetection.cpp - add ippFree() call after ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C1R().
DPD200209194 Document improvements re ippiResizeSqrPixel() function with parameter srcRoi.
DPD200167628/ IPP 7.0 Mac OS X rebinding dylibs error - caused by fixstrip utility.
DPD200167552 umc_h264.heap.h possible memory leak - Close method releasing memory blocks in wrong order.
DPD200208716 UIC jpeg codec performance not scaling to multicore - use gcc4 -fopenmp and icc -openmp options.
DPD200167363 UIC error in YCC422 planer when JPEG restarts - add threading based on RSTI for YCbCr422 input mode.
DPD200208088 Crash with ippsRijndael128GM on AMD and Prescott SSE3 CPU - incorrect optimization applied.
DPD200166978 ippsRegExpReplace should fill destString to limit - now returns ippStsOverflow status.

IPP v7.0 update 3 (15 Mar 2011)

DPD200166099 Identical code branches in aac_enc aac_enc_api_fp.c.
DPD200166098 Bad replacement of array indexes in umc_avs_enc_compressor_enc_b.cpp.
DPD200205596 New "Return Values" for ippsGFPXGetSize function should be added to the description.
DPD200204445 Add additional note to IPL-PPL readme file to clarify use for 32-bit library only.
DPD200165582 Wavelet transform is significantly slower on latest hardware compared to Pentium D.
DPD200165338 Suggestion on improving UIC JPEG monochrome decoding performance.
DPD200165134 J2K decoding image error with sampling other then 1,1.
DPD200203393 Null pointer exception when TRACK_VBI_TXT is found.
DPD200165043 ZLIB: segmentation fault on inflate() after an inflateSync() running into a partial flush sync point.
DPD200203121 Performance of ippiFilterMedian_8u_C1R on Intel 64 platforms.
DPD200193785 umc_h264_dec_con.exe -t2 hang.
DPD200139035 Need more explanations regarding denormal values in the User Guide.
DPD200084539 How to use the MPEG-2 sample encoder scene analyzer.
DPD200205581 64-bit ippiCountInRange_32f_C1R corrupts XMM registers.
DPD200165377 UMC::ThreadedDemuxer.GetInfo() is incorrect if input is MPEG2 video interlaced BOTTOM_FIELD_FIRST.
DPD200095469 JPEG 2000 does not correctly decoded one CMYK image.
DPD200166518 "Illegal combination of _IPP_PARALLEL_DYNAMIC/_IPP_PARALLEL_STATIC/_IPP_SEQUENTIAL_STATIC" when building samples with Visual Studio.
DPD200167623 UMC::AVISplitter crashing - modify source code in umc_avi_splitter.cpp file.
DPD200209066 Bug in UMC::AudioFrameConstructor.
DPD200167368 Bug in audio-video-codecs\codec\demuxer\src\umc_stream_parser.
DPD200207003 ippsCalcSF_16s32F method crashes on 64 bit systems.
DPD200186083 ippiFilterBox_32f_C1R produces wrong output.

IPP v7.0 update 2 (20 Jan 2011)

DPD200164895 IndexSplitter::EnableTrack is buggy (AVI and MP4 splitting).
DPD200192750 ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C1R 32-bit and 64-bit results vary.
DPD200164475 ippsConjFlip* and ippsConjCcs* do not save XMM7 register on Win64 systems.
DPD200196918 Function ippsCrossCorr_64f() crashes for cases with large lowLag parameter.
DPD200157711 ippGetNumCoresOnDie() returns 0 on Core 2 Extreme Q9300 processor.
DPD200191191 WinKaiser results contain NAN on x64 platform.
DPD200197620 UMC: MPEG2 decoder crash with "simple_player.exe D:\crash.m2v -vnul -t 8".
DPD200133829 False positives occurring in OpenCV when OpenMP is enabled within build.
DPD200137548 H.264 Decompression on x64 is significantly slower compared to x32.
DPD200201675 JPEG 2000 encoder does not generate lossless bitstream properly for 16bit image.
DPD200135781 ippmEigenValuesVectorRight_m_64f() gives wrong eigenvalues.
DPD200159755 Buffer overrun in 64-bit ippsInflate_8u().
DPD200199464 Segment violation problems with ipp_zlib.
DPD200095138 ippsPhase (IA32 platform) problems fixed.
DPD200197670 ippsSum_32f() produces wrong result at second run calling ipp dll in C#.
DPD200199738 x87/mmx code removed from all x64 code except ippVC domain.
DPD200191226 IPP vector matrix multiplication performance issue.
DPD200197493 Unexpected behavior when using ippRegExpReplace().
DPD200191001 ipp_zlib segmentation faults with 1 bit wrong.
DPD200197264 bzip fails to decompress some files.
ippiResizeSqrPixel (antialiasing mode) and Remap/Rotate/RotateC/WarpAffine/Shear functions are now multi-threaded.
DPD200149352 G.729 documentation clarification regarding number of RTP streams.
DPD200198788 IPP sample build batch fails for Visual Studio compilers.
DPD200088927 Missing frames_per_second parameter, frame rate VUI parameters added to h264 encoder.
DPD200085522 UMC::VideoData.m_picStructure element always set to PS_FRAME.
DPD200158196 Incorrect requantization when coeff is greater than maximum allowed level for CAVLC in baseleine profile.
DPD200195594 VC-1 advanced encoder outputs wrong values in the bitstream sequence header.
DPD200153276 Change allignment in H.264 decoder to DECLALIGN macros insted of __ICL alignment.
DPD200195873 deprecated ipp lib names removed.
DPD200133928 Building UMC sample in MSVC2008 generates compiler warnings.
DPD200152966 Regular expression evaluation too slow.
DPD200188099 Incorrect naming and usage schema for cryptography ipp sample readmes.
DPD200199195  MPEG2 decoder creates "horizontal color bands" on some test streams.
DPD200199091 H.264 fails to decode some video streams.
DPD200095124 Poor quality problem when decompressing lossless JPEG 2000 bitstream.

IPP v7.0 update 1a (18 Nov 2010)

n/a No change to the product binaries (identical to previous release), only to the installation package number; this release includes separate "generic" px/mx add-on libraries for those applications that require use of these un-optimized versions of the Intel IPP library. See release notes for more info.


IPP v7.0 update 1 (15 Oct 2010)

DPD200158806 cpuinfo sample retuns incorrect number of cores on non-Intel processors

IPP v7.0 (12 Aug 2010)

DPD200152966 regex expression evaluation too slow.
DPD200092231 Changed type of BMPImageHeader.biHeight from Ipp32u to Ipp32s to support flipped BMP image.
DPD200090212 ippsPhase_64fc() produces different results with the static versus dynamic linking.
DPD200187632 Picnic applications incorrectly display signed pixels in DICOM file.
DPD200088436 umc_h264_dec_con throws an exception on line 1056 of umc_h264_segment_decoder_templates.h
DPD200086860 Multi-threading issues fixed in the H264 decoder.
DPD200134771 Bug in umc_speech_rtp_codec for depacketizing RTAudio data.
DPD200134744 G722.1 Annex C usc_speech_codec encode/decode gives inconsistent results under Linux.
DPD200134603/ ippiYCbCr422ToCbYCr422_8u_P3C2R() added to complement ippiCbYCr422ToYCbCr422_8u_C2P3R().
DPD200093686 UMC h264Decoder->Reset() crashes when the decoder is initialized to use more then 1 thread.
DPD200137745 UMC H.264 decoder crashes with some data streams (contains some invalid data).
DPD200148980 UMC H.264 decoder crashes due to multithreading issues.
DPD200154970 UMC h264Decoder->Reset() crashes due to multithreading issues.
DPD200155165 UMC simple_player does not work with Aero interface in Windows 7 and Vista.
DPD200149412 ipp_bzip2 performance is slower than standard bzip2 performance on some processors.
DPD200088527 Potential source and destination buffer overlap in deflate function of ipp_zlib.
DPD200154900 Data compression deflate() function and bad hash_key.
DPD200155290 Samples and documentation no longer use the OpenMP static libraries.
DPD200157131 ipp-compress sample does not compile due to missing zconf.h file.
DPD200134368 UMC H.264 bug in the state of CABAC under certain conditions.
DPD200141702 ippiResizeSqrPixel "alpha" edge smoothing parameter not properly documented.
DPD200154874 ippsFIR function descriptions are misleading or incorrect in description of "numIter" parameter.
DPD200186071 ippiRGBToYUV documentation (example 6-1) needs to be correct.
DPD200092636 ippiPyramidLayerUp_16u_C1R gives incorrect results.
DPD200082646 ippiMorphReconstructGetBufferSize_* provides wrong buffer size calculation.
DPD200095138 ippsPhase gives incorrect results in v8,p8 etc optimized code with complex value (-0.0,x).
DPD200186052 DAZ in MXCSR is cleared after ippsSqrt_32f is called.
DPD200149352 G.729 documentation clarification regarding number of RTP streams supported.
DPD200154537 UMC::FileReader does not work correctly with files larger than 2GB in 32bit applications.
DPD200085426 Correct documentation regarding FLAG_FRAGMENTED_AT_I_PICTURES in UMC example.
DPD200082866 Linear interpolation accuracy of ippiResizeSqrPixel_16u/16s_** improvements.
DPD200094715 IPPI_INTER_NN interpolation gives some incorrect results for ippiRemap functions.
DPD200134979 ippResizeSqrPixel() error for very small source images (<6 pixels in each direction).
DPD200152365 Data compressed by IPP-zlib is 3 to 5% larger in size as compared to the open source zlib.
DPD200154198 Data compression error when source buffer size = 64K.
DPD200089840 MSRTA codec crash.
DPD200133131 Add info about anchor indexing to Figure 9-1 and related text.
DPD200086600 Excluding libstdc++ dependency in using ipp_zlib samples.
DPD200151952 IPP-zlib compression generates spurious data that cannot be decompressed.
DPD200150939 MP4 file with video track 2 and audio track 1 triggers a failure to add fragment in InitMoof.
DPD200084541 MPEG-4 multiplexer AAC bitrate informaton is wrong.
DPD200150940 SetTimePosition hangs MP4 playback when stream is fragmented.
DPD200151794 ippGetNumCoresOnDie returns 1 on some quadcore processors.
DPD200082933 Single precision complex FFTs in-place single threads are slower than FFTW 3.2.1.
DPD200134391 JPEG 2000 decoded data is not correct.
DPD200084842 RSA encryption/decryption vs libgmp mpz_powm performance.
DPD200090957 Typo in uic_jpeg_enc.h.
DPD200090956 Bug in jpegenc.cpp sample.
DPD200150199 Error in DIB_PAD_BYTES in UIC picnic sample.
DPD200148812 uscg711.c GetInfoU nPcmTypes should return 1.
DPD200086498 IPP compression does not provide high compression ratios.
DPD200186697 ippiCrossCorrValid_NormLevel_32f_C1R returns exception
DPD200084252 ippiDecodeCAVLCCoeffs_H264_1u16s() read access violation.
DPD200086788 ippStaticInit() leads to ippiDecodeCAVLCCoeffs_H264() crash.
DPD200148813 Documentation error: ippiCopySubpix/ippiCopySubpixIntersec.
DPD200142053 Documentation error: ippSet() functions in the user manual.
DPD200087211 Documentation error: ippiFilterColumn missing a border.
DPD200089003 Documentation error: the default rounding mode can be described as nearest even.
DPD200148814 Documentation error: big number error in the cryptograhy manual.