Intel® IPP 7.1 Legacy High Level Multimedia API Information

Based on customer feedback, including responses to the to the multimedia usage survey last year, we are streamlining Intel® IPP's high level multimedia APIs to focus on what matters most to developers like you.

With Intel® IPP 7.1 several codecs (see below) will be moved to legacy status. This is primarily to indicate the level of support available.  Legacy codecs should compile with minimal or no code change during the deprecation feedback period for the underlying primitives.  You can continue to use them as starting points for implementing Intel® IPP-optimized multimedia functionality in your products.  However, they will not be updated and no further bug fixes will be provided.

We're very interested in your responses to how these proposed changes in Intel® IPP 7.1 will impact your development and products, especially if any of these proposed moves to legacy status would cause hardship. This will help us set the right directions for future Intel IPP product planning.

All feedback is welcome. Please use the deprecation feedback form or write to

IPP media codec legacy status is summarized in the table below.

Sample Legacy Codecs
Unified Image Codecs

Unified Media Classes
Video Codecs
DV, DV50, DV100

Unified Media Classes
Audio Codecs

Additional notes

  • The umc_h264_dec_con and umc_h264_enc_con sample applications are also legacy.  The same functionality is implemented more generally in umc_video_dec_con and umc_video_enc_con.
  • None of the Unified Speech Codecs (USC) are deprecatd in IPP 7.1
  • Please see the readme for each codec for further description and more information on known limitations.