Intel® MKL Poisson Library and Trigonometric Transform: Overview

Intel® MKL introduces tools for solving Partial Differential Equations (PDE). These tools are Trigonometric Transform interface and Poisson Library routines.

Poisson Library is designed for fast solving of simple Helmholtz, Poisson, and Laplace problems. The solver is based on the Trigonometric Transform interface, which is, in turn, based on the Intel MKL Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) interface.
Direct use of the Trigonometric Transform routines may be helpful to those who have already implemented their own solvers similar to the one that the Poisson Library provides. As it may be hard enough to modify the original code so as to make it work with Poisson Library, you are encouraged to use fast (staggered) sine/cosine transforms implemented in the Trigonometric Transform interface to improve performance of your solver.

Please find additional details in the overview training material - "MKL_Trigonometric_Transform&Poisson_Library.pdf” into attachment.